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This morning I received an email from my precious Tulsa friend, Lynda. In it she shared a prayer request that I did not know her family was experiencing. In my response to her, I was reminded of an old hymn we used to sing years ago and shared that with her as I breathed a prayer for their situation. As a child I had problems but nothing so staggering that I really came to appreciate the words to the song. After living a lifetime and knowing the hurt that most any lifetime can bring us along the way, the words to that old song became a reality for me. I never will forget the day I heard the song after not hearing it for 40 or 50 years.

I go to a nursing home on Thursday mornings with a few others to minister to some patients there who want to worship God in a corporate setting. One of the first Thursdays I was there, we sang that grand ole hymn and floods of tears fell from my eyes. For you see, no matter what you are going through today, someday you will understand it better,…

Happy Birthday Jeff!

Ready to deliver!

This was on Jeff's nursery bassinet at the hospital.

The happy couple the day after Jeff was born.

Our precious little Razorback bundle.

There is a story that goes with this picture but I will cry if I write it so maybe later.
Wearing Peepaw's hat and glasses.

Jeff and I on his second Easter.
An early birthday. Meemaw and Marianne are on the sofa.

An early school picture.

Jeff with Beth and Jerry's kids, brothers Chris and Michael, and Mark and Brad--this is in Tulsa. Strange as it may seem, Jeff works with Mark now in Little Rock. Brad and Michael are climbing on the rocks. Chris is on the far left. Jeff is the tall blonde, second from right standing.

Jeff with brothers Michael and Chris.
Jeff's ninth grade prom picture. We had a neighbor who begged me (because her daughter was dying to be in it) to try to get Jeff in the Hollywood movie, THE OUTSIDERS, directed by Francis Ford Coppala starring Matt Dillon, Tom Cruise, Patrick Swayze, Rob Lowe, Diane Lane an…


Papa is on the far right. I think this must have been one of his ornery days!
This picture looks like some that are posted on Facebook, LOL!

A young David Jackson McDaniel
Now here's a motley crew!
Papa is on the far left front row.

What a dashing young man!

My grandfather, David McDaniel, was born 130 years ago today. He was a real hoot, could quote the Bible from cover to cover, was a renegade of sorts, a preacher when he was living right, as honery as could be a good part of the time, carved canoes from trees, roofed a steep-pitched roof house when he was 88 years old, and when my grandmother developed hardening of the arteries in her eighties, (after being blind for many years) he treated her with the utmost dignity and respect and was there by her side for everything she needed. She had always called him "Papa." But at that point in time when her memory failed her, she called him, "Popie." It was the most heart-wrenching name I had ever heard.

For years he had…


I can see a little resemblance between the two of us at 16.

I am getting dressed to go into the operating room where Kailey will be born by C-section. What a sight to watch!Kailey and I on her second Easter.
Boompa kisses Kailey right after she is born.

Our precious Kailey a few days shy of 18.
Kailey and Boompa.

Kim, Kailey and I at their home on Latimer Court.
One of the precious notes Kailey has written me over the years.

Dearest, dearest Kailey, You were a joy then, and have brought us nothing but the utmost happiness. Thank you for being you--what a special treasure you have been to us. All my love, Mimi


This is my namesake, Lindsay Dianne. She is my sister's daughter and was born into our family after my parents had 8 grandsons. Needless to say, she was quite doted over. Happy birthday, Sweetheart!


Our family is a big sports-loving family so when I watched Alicia Sacrimony tonight on the Olympics, I actually thought I could feel at least part of the explosive pain she was suffering. Sports has brought our family some of its highest highs and some real lows. Now before you start judging us for filling our lives with such trivialities, remember that basketball has paid for college for at least 2 family members and continues to add to some of our livelihoods in different ways, coaching, skills classes, etc.

I couldn't help but wonder tonight which gymnast would, or team of gymnasts, would actually learn the most--would winning the gold be the great teacher or would the silver medalists (the second best in the world but by most thinkings--the loser) actually learn more to take them successfully through life with the adversity they suffered? What is your judgment? What do you think?

The one thing I do know is this: In the valley of disappointment, suffering, defeat, discourage…


This is circa 1975.

This is me in the back, Mika Beth in the middle with her doll, and her little sister, Mary Kate. Those who know Mika Beth and her love for babies and children will appreciate the fact that she was carrying her doll in this picture. It was Christmas and I think this was her new baby doll.

This is about 1992--Mika Beth and Matt's prom.

This is our niece, Mika Beth. She is an awesome photographer who lives and works in Fort Smith, AR. If you love photography, check out her website and click on her blog.

Happy, happy birthday!!




Kennedy and Ashton

They say that a really good picture tells a story. Ashton and Kennedy have never lived in the same town, see each other only about 3 times a year max, but yet they are closer than close and love each other so much. I can just imagine the "cousin secrets" they were telling as we sneaked this picture from a distance.

These are our 7 grandchildren!

This is Noelle, almost 4, and Ashton, who just turned 8--They are Chris and Dree's daughters.

These are our two oldest grandchildren, Kailey, almost 18 and Kendall, 15--

They belong to Jeff and Kim.

This is Caroline, 11, Katelyn, almost 14, and Kennedy, almost 9--They are Michael and Traci's daughters.

This is Noelle, age 3--Chris and Dree's baby girl

God was gracious and we enjoyed an awesome time together, eating, playing scrabble, shopping, talking, celebrating birthdays, watching old Christmas videos, crying, playing golf, going to basketball games, etc. Thank you, Lord, for precious family times t…


When Larry and I were dating and before we got really serious, he sent me a dozen red roses. That bouquet contained a white orchid. Now, it just so happened at this point in time that there was a popular song by Wayne Newton entitled "Red Roses for a Blue Lady."

Also, the lyrics contained the line, "and one white orchid for her wedding day," and it also talked about "a silly quarrel," which we also had had.

I thought Larry was starting to allude to marriage about this time during our courtship so when I got the flowers, I wrote him a letter and said, "Yes, I will." He was working out of town at the time. He wrote back and said, "Yes, you will what?"

I don't remember when I got up the courage to tell him that I was answering "yes" to what I thought was a marriage proposal. We found out later that Cabot Florist in North Little Rock (the greatest florist anywhere) automatically put one white orchid in every bouquet of a dozen…