Setting Me Straight

God has such a way of letting us know how wrong we are--

Since we have been in church every night (for many hours each night except last Saturday night when our church did not meet) for over a week, I decided to skip my Bible reading this morning. I had been up until 4:15--very bad storms until after 2 and then just couldn't sleep after that--and woke up late and exhausted.

As one guy said to me in the lobby of the church last night, "This praying for hours is exhausting." And it is--battle is exhausting and that is what we are in--a spiritual battle for our families, our nation, our planet, our souls, our very eternal lives--

It seems that God has dealt with our church on a specific, different issue each night for well over a week now--and we are tired! But I have to say it is a good tired--you want to keep going back to the battle, digging in, making headway for the next generation.

Night before last we were challenged to ask God to show us people we had aught against or whom we knew had aught against us and spend some time reconciling those situations and circumstances--at least doing as much on our parts as we could do--so I spent time this morning writing letters to some people from my past asking for forgiveness for my actions.

Yes, some of them were actions, some were reactions--but it doesn't matter--I don't care who was at fault, I just want to stand clean before God so that He can purify His bride and get us ready to lead thousands of souls to Him.

After spending some time in restitution, I decided to read Oswald Chambers and this is a portion of what it said:

"You no more need a holiday from spiritual concentration than your heart needs a holiday from beating. You cannot have a moral holiday and remain moral, nor can you have a spiritual holiday and remain spiritual. God wants you to be entirely His, and this means that you have to watch to keep yourself fit. It takes a tremendous amount of time. Some of us expect to "clear the numberless ascensions" in about two minutes."

The very idea that I thought I could take a holiday from my Bible reading just because I had been in church every night is ludicrous. And I almost let satan get the victory on that one.

So now that God has "set me straight," I will go read my Bible, pray and meditate as I should have done from the beginning. Such an awesome privilege, God forgive me for even "entertaining" the idea of not doing what I know is right.

I love you, sweet friends.


that's like saying, "i need a holiday from love . . . or chocolate!"
Stacey Dawn said…
Glad you heard God.... I've had some of those same thoughts on my Bible reading. If I read ahead then I can skip a day. WHAT?! NO way!!! ;o)
Maria said…
Hi Dianne! Thank you for the wonderful recommendation of the book "I'm in charge of celebrations" Love the idea ~ it's in my cart at ...
I heard about those storms sweeping through, glad you are okay! Chris and Jason drove through some nasty thunderstorms...they love following the weather, but not necessarily driving into the middle of it!
Jason is in Texas now... I'm trying not to think of just how far away he is...and can't wait for Jason to settle into an apartment. {right now they are in an extended stay hotel}
Your post today reminds me of what I've been doing this week. I always have a few moments to myself at the very end of the school day ~ hardly anyone left in the halls. I'm reading right now from Proverbs. I was trying to read as much as I normally do ~ a whole chapter. This can not be done with Proverbs. Each one is so rich and requires much thought. So I read one, sometimes two or three and pray quietly about them looking out onto the horizon or on my ride home with the car nice an quiet.
So important to not only be with God for a specific time of the day but to BE with Him all through the day ~ which I find more difficult once the busyness and noise of the day filters in.
Thinking of you & wishing you well ♥ Blessings to your family as well, Dianne!
Debbie said…
I knew exactly where this was going the minute you said you were not reading. I knew...not because I have some pious gift of discernment here, but because I've walked the readerless road and I know what it does.

The Chambers quote is wonderful.

My eyes have been hurting all day. I took a nap and tried to fix what ails me. When I woke up, I came here.

I should have gone to the open Word waiting on my kitchen table instead.

And so, God has already used your failed "vacation" in a mighty way.

I love Him.
And I love you for being his voice today.

Going to the kitchen table now.
mom2six said…
Dianne - Praying for God to give you strength and energy to persevere in the Word and His work in your life and the lives of those in His body for this moment. I too need to press in harder, stop being so distracted by life, seek His face more often. Thanks for the reminder! Nancy
Sandy said…
Love this because it's so true.
Love you because you are in the battle
with the rest of us and you're a mighty
warrior to have on our side.
I am thrilled at all that's going on
at your church! Send revival everywhere,
I love you,
Mary B said…
Dear Dianne, While I am a few days behind on my reading...I never fail to be blessed when I come to your place. Thank you...I, like several of the others, also have experience with exactly what you are talking about. Thank you, my friend. God bless you.

Susy said…
Thank you Dianne for your transparency. It's always a rich source of inspiration, as is Oswald Chambers. Have a very blessed Easter. xo

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