And the River Flows

The river of God's mercies and grace is continuing to flow here in Little Rock.

Tonight we will be starting our fifth week of revival--I only remember one other moving of God's Spirit like this--when I was a young girl of about seven--A W.V. Grant revival in Malvern, Arkansas--we attended a tent revival every night for forty-two nights if my memory serves me correctly.

Other churches in our area (and actually all over the nation) are calling and emailing and asking us to pray that a similar revival will break out in their areas. Oh my friend, I pray for this--I would give anything for every church in America to experience the freedom and complete joy that God has chosen to bestow upon us--I don't understand it--I don't know why "us."

When I say all over the nation--week before last we had a young housewife who got up early one morning and drove from her home in North Carolina to be with us in service that night--there are hundreds of stories to be told--stories of amazement and awe!

I definitely believe God wants to do this all over the world--to pour out His Spirit upon all flesh--

If I had to put my finger on one key to revival, it would be obedience and prayer.

The putting away of pride in the form of admitting anger, resentment, bitterness, malice, envy, strife, greed, racism, -- and every time I would think that every sin possible to mankind had been dealt with--the next night God would choose to focus on a certain area of sin and bring it to light--expose the deeds of darkness--

It seems that God cannot wait to answer our prayers--we are seeing such mighty answers to prayer--and the Spirit of giving is almost unfathomable--to date--that we know of--over $25,000 and a Ford Explorer has been given to people in need--our people and others who just come in off the streets--or who drove from North Carolina--our people gave the young lady who drove from N.C. over $1000 to help with her return expenses home.

Please, please know that I am not bragging on our church or our people. I am bragging on God. This is the heart of God we are seeing--the heart of God reaching out to help those who are hurting--

Yesterday, we had a young lady come forward who said and I paraphrase--"I wish I was coming forward to rededicate my life or to be baptized but in truth I don't believe in God or prayer anymore--and then in tears asked us to pray that her faith would be restored."

If someone comes asking for prayer for any need, dozens of people gather eagerly around that person to pray--

Oh my precious friend, won't you fall on your face before God today and beseech God to bring His kind of revival to your state, to your city, your town, your church--and if you are already having a revival, I am so glad--we have seen several churches in our area starting to gather together and having similar outpourings of God's grace-- However He chooses to bless you or deal with us, that is what I desire!

All praise and honor and glory go to our Lord Jesus Christ--it is His sovereignty, His mercy, His grace whereby we are blessed like this and we pray this for you and yours.

Have a blessed and wonderful week,

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Sandy said…
Wonderful to hear of such a revival and I
also pray that the Lord would do that in
every city and state in the U.S. and the
world! This same thing is happening at
The River in Tampa, Florida and has been
for a while.
Love you,
Debbie said…
Beautiful and convicting.

You have an email coming.
Mary B said…
What a privilege and a blessing to be part of such a revival. I believe there is hope for our nation, because of God's people...people that pray and believe in His words. Thank you for sharing Dianne.
Anita Johnson said…
It is so encouraging to read you are not bragging at all, but praising God as you see things happening because of His work in your church. My prayer is that it will spread...we too could use a revival here too!

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