In the Garden

One is nearer God's heart in a garden
than anywhere else on earth.
quote by Dorothy Frances Gurney

I used Kim Klassen's stained linen texture and the Photoshop dodge and burn tool.

You can find Kim's free textures here.

Here is the untextured version of the picture.


Anonymous said…
Beautiful! I enjoy her textures too, though sometimes I can't figure out the way she used them! Photoshop is one giant puzzle to me!
PS I still can't sign in with my google account. I guess they are working on it. (-:
diane said…
Nice photo and texture work. Funny, your name is Dianne, mine too (diane) and you use the Zapfino font in your header and the Homemade Apple font in your titles...ME TOO. Nice meeting you!
Maria said…
Hi Dianne! I admire you so much for knowing how to handle photoshop! I used the 30 day trial last year and it's so hard to do!

I must also say, your last photo "Be Still..." is soooo beautiful! I just stopped and enjoyed it very much.
Funny thing ~ yesterday, while at Bj's Wholesale club, I passed the laptops and found that one had the "sticky note" program open. I wanted to write something I wrote "Be still and know that I am God."

Wishing you a beautiful weekend ~ calm and still ~
A Rosy Note said…
Oh, that turned out so nice. It seems like the stained linen texture was popular this week :)
Dianna said…
You are one talented lady, my friend. Have you considered using these talents in a way that would be more widespread than the cards, stationery, etc.? I SO enjoy your work.

Love you!
Kathy said…
What a beautiful shot. I love the angle and the use of the texture and editing is wonderful. I love the grunge feel to this photo.

Dianne said…
Thanks, everyone for your awesome comments and yes, Dianna, I have thought about it --in fact, just gave it a little thought recently--thanks for the compliment--maybe it will spur me on--

Love you too dear friend!
miranda said…
Beautiful shot and the texture work is simply lovely.

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