Blue Lady

Day before yesterday was my anniversary. My husband gave me a dozen red roses with one white orchid. So the picture above is one of the roses I received from him over the weekend. There is a cute little story that goes with this picture. You might want to read it here--very embarrassing!!

Here is the original photo:

I placed 1 layer of Granny's cupboard, soft light at 100%

1 layer of the dream sample layer at multiply, 75%

added the text layers

Made a levels adjustment layer
brightness adjusted to +32
contrast to +13

I also made a levels adjustment enhancing the whites in the picture--

flattened layers

I am joining Kim Klassen over at her blogsite today.


CATHY said…
Such a sweet story! glad to see that he asked you to marry him after all! Lovely image and great use of the textures. cheers.
Debbie said…
I love the story!!! I would have thought the same thing about the white orchid. (And I do remember that song.)

And of course... your photos are gorgeous.
tiarastantrums said…
that is quite lovely!
Mary said…
What a great story! I love it!! The photos are beautiful, you know, I really like the original one the best.

Isabel said…
What a beautiful image! I love how it looks like plus the textures. And happy anniversary to you! God bless!:)
Linda Makiej said…
Really great editing here!! Love the texture work!
Stephani said…
Beautiful Diana! You're way ahead of my with photo editing. This all sounds like a foreign language to me. One of these days I will learn what a layer is!
Anita Johnson said…
You are amazing! (and inspiring!) After looking at your stunning photo I watched a tutorial over at Kim's...very helpful. i think i could get addicted. I'm recovering from a slight hand injury...a bit more time on my hands to play with photoshop than i had hoped! typing is a bit rought going! (-;
Dianne said…
Thanks for all your sweet comments! And yes, Anita, it is addictive but so much fun--

Stephani, your work is so incredible, you do not need "layers" but it is not nearly as hard as it sounds--And Kim is such a great teacher--she really makes difficult things so simple--
Marilyn said…
I have to admit I love roses so much, I can never pass up an image with one. You have done some wonderful editing. here. Beautiful. Loved your story too!
Sandy said…
Such a sweet story. The rose is beautiful but
I prefer the original.
KarenHarveyCox said…
Such a gorgeous, gorgeous effect. Happy Anniversary.
Kim Klassen said…
oh so lovely.....

thanks for linking up to TT!

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