Prayers for Phillip

As most of you know I lost my nephew, Matt, a little over a month ago--a very sudden and unexpected loss--but God--yes, I said "but God"-- For if it wasn't for Him and His peace that passes all understanding I honestly don't know where our family would be.

 Matt's brother, Phillip, was in Afghanistan at the time of Matt's death. The next morning after Phillip arrived home, my sister walked in and found him fast asleep on top of the washer and dryer.

 It seems that in Afghanistan, one way the soldiers deal with the effects the war has upon their sleeping patterns, is to turn the dryer on and get on top of it so that it "lulls them to sleep." I've heard of new parents putting their babies in their car seats and doing this but had never heard of an adult taking advantage of this.

So I am asking for prayers for my nephew, Phillip, today, in a far away country defending the United States of America--him, with his wounds still so fresh.

And prayers for all our soldiers today--and I pray that the Prince of Peace would invade their sleep patterns and give them sweet rest.


Marydon said…
My heart is heavy with you. I know God will hold you up, He is such a magnificent comfort in His strength & love that He shares with us.

May Matt rest in peace at the feet of Jesus. I am sorry that all our servicemen have to endure the travesties they are being put thru.

Give Phillip a hug & tell him we are proud of him & his fellow servicemen & THANK YOU for protecting us.

I have a 3 yr. old angel son ... your pain is mine.

Hugs & love in prayer ~
Dianne said…
Thanks, Marydon--I will send Phillip your message--

Thanks for sharing my pain.
Sandy said…
I will pray for sweet and brave Phillip. What
a wonderful young man and I am so sorry still
for this loss all of you have had to endure.
I thank God for all those selfless men and
women defending our great country in the
name of peace and freedom.
Dianne said…
Thank you, Sandy, for all of your prayers for me over the last year and a half. People can say what they want about the internet, but I honestly don't know what I did before I met you. You are an integral part of my life as much as if I lived next door to you. You are a big part of my heart. Thank you sweet friend.

And Mary Don I am so sorry for the loss of your precious Sean at three years of age. I know you understand our grief. Thank you so much
Marydon said…
Sherry & I are heart sisters, Dianne, forever! God gave us sisters, but heart sisters shine above all else. I will read your note to Sherry tonight.

Have a lovely eve ~
Debbie said…
Oh, Dianne, I am not only willing to lift him by name, I am honored. I have not stopped praying for your family, btw. I set aside a certain part of my morning prayer time for my "invisible" friends who live in my computer, and you and yours are among the lifted.

I will very specifically add Phillip.
Karen said…
Dianne, just dropped by this afternoon to see if there was an update on you. Have been thinking of you & praying as you are recovering. But, somehow I missed this post. At this very moment I'm lifting Phillip to our Father, I pray he will sense a calming spirit at this very moment, knowing it is only coming from our Lord & Saviour, Jesus Christ. Peace that passes all understanding as he along with the others deal with these overwhelming effects of war. Hope you are healing quickly.

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