Surrender and Praise

Last week when I was in Tulsa visiting family, my eleven year old granddaughter walked into the room and said, "Mimi, this is what I picture when I think of the word surrender."

She proceeded to fall to one knee and raise her hands instantly towards heaven. It was a beautiful posture of what should happen inside our hearts.

I grabbed my camera quickly--thinking I need to get a picture of this to use as an inspiration for a painting entitled "Surrender."

My camera was on settings from a previous night's outdoor, woodsy photo shoot--not set for indoor captures.  But I knew she was NOT doing this to be photographed by a camera--she was sharing her heart with me--a precious, once in a lifetime moment--so I went with what it was set to.

I asked her to show me what praise looks like--

She immediately stood up and reached even higher--

Today when I was reading Psalm 63 I came across this scripture and knew that I wanted to share that once in a lifetime precious moment with you.

Because your love is better than life, my lips will glorify you.
I will praise You as long as I live, and in Your name I will lift up my hands.  Psalm 63:3,4 NIV
Joining in with others at Spiritual Sundays--


Sandy said…
He has ordained her praise and she is giving from her little heart. I love this. It's wonderful you could capture this moment.
elizabeth said…
Lovely! Was at a church last week where a women danced ballet style in praise during worship...amazing.
Mary B said…
I am moved beyond words.
Anita Johnson said…
So glad you grabbed your camera! Her joy goes all the way to her finger tips...
Pamela said…
How her hands raised spoke to my soul. Reminds me of God's words, "A little child shall lead them."
Ruth said…
I can feel your joy in seeing a granddaughter express the praise our Father loves. You sound like a great Mimi.
Charlotte said…
Beautiful unique share. You have a wise granddaughter, and she has a wise grandmother.

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