More Painful Memories

My husband posted this on FaceBook the other day.

" Decorating for Christmas and thinking about family and friends who are no longer with us - good memories. And I'm thankful for the ones with whom I can still share, and am committed to making some more good memories while I can. Most of all, thankful for my Savior who gives me hope and for this season to celebrate His birth. I love Christmastime."
The memories he is referring to are good ones although very painful at times.  More than once I've seen a glisten in his eye or felt a tear fall from mine as we hung old Christmas ornaments or spoke of Christmases long ago.

In the movie Shadowlands, C.S. Lewis has a line that I love.  After discovering his wife has a serious illness, they take a trip through the countryside--at one point they stop and holding one another looking out over the vista, he says, "The pain now is part of the happiness then."

And it is so true.  All of the joys we created in those Christmases long ago are why the eyes smart and the silver rivulets stain our cheeks now--

And so my dearest of friends, I wish for you many, many more painful memories made this Christmastime.  May your heart be so full of joy and peace that years from now it will hurt bad, really bad just to remember...................

"The pain now is part of the happiness then."  C.S. Lewis, Shadowlands

Photo: A picture of an angel tree topper used over 60 years ago on my husband's tree--still using it today and it is one of those things that will bring the awesome painful memories to the surface-- © all photographs and text property of Dianne Hogue unless otherwise noted


elizabeth said…
What a dear thing for your husband to post. My Hubs doesn't do Facebook. :)
susanwalkergirl said…
Sometimes Christmas is bittersweet, filled with memories of family and friends, some of whom are no longer with us. Each year when we put up our tree, I can remember who gave the different ornaments and seasons in our life.

Those feelings are a good bad and a reminder to treasure everyday and the people in our lives.

Blessings in Christ...Susan
Nava Thompson said…
Yes-this stirs up too much to put into words--
Sandy said…
This is beautiful. Tell Larry I think it's great that he posted this. Love the Lewis quote.
So, so true. I wanted to come and thank you for your posts on praying for our descendants...God knew what would be coming my way and what had already come when I started following you through your posts. I now have my flip cards Leaving a Legacy of Prayer. This year we are praying God's healing over our daughter-in-law's womb so they can have a child...and our first grandchild. Others are considering I am seeing my family grow and that gives me even more reasons to pray for my descendants. Thanks for sharing on your many times I have been blessed.

Merry Christmas
Anita Johnson said…
What a beautiful post, Dianne. Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas. Praying for your sister too, this Christmas...may the words of our Savior bring His peace to you all... xoxo

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