Our Christmas Day!

Our sons drove in late Christmas Day so when my brother and his wife discovered that we would be alone, they invited us for Christmas dinner at their house.

 I wanted to give you a little glimpse at their decorations because I thought they were so pretty. Until my parents died, we had always spent Christmas at their home so it has been many years since I had seen Johnny and Gay's decorations.

While it is very pretty, I think it would quite economical time wise to decorate as they do especially as we get older. It is taking me longer and longer to get all the decorating done. We have collected so many ornaments over the years--and they are ALL so meaningful but maybe.....just maybe I will go the route Gay has gone with her decorating.........paring down....making it a little more simple.

Here is a picture of their tree--so simple yet so gorgeous--it is an artificial tree with white lights, grape vine wrapped around it, red berries and red birds, mainly cardinals. It really is stunning and I love the grape vine wreath because it adds an element of "country."

This is Abby Grace, my two year old great niece.

These are four out of five of my brother's grandchildren--Cooper, Abby, Peyton and Aimsley.  Turner is not pictured.

Just to the right of the tree is a table behind one of their sofas.  Gay uses the same vase all year long, just changing the floral arrangement with each season.

I also wanted you to see the mantel--so simple but so pretty--

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Nancy said…
Family time is wonderful, isn't it? So glad you got to be with them...

Your sister's decorations are beautiful and I love the simplicity of them....

That smile on your grand niece is absolutely beautiful...She's a doll.....

Happy New Year....
Sandy said…
You're right, everything is beautiful in its simplicity and there's a lot to be said for that. At some point I will probably decorate less but not any time soon. I just look forward to it all year and like you I have so many ornaments that are special to me. I am glad that you and Larry were able to be with Johnny and Gay and those grandkids are just beautiful!!
Love you,
Adoption Mama said…
Beautiful....my friend. Continuing to pray for you and your family.
Debbie said…
I just love her style! The grapevine wrapped tree is just lovely to me. I also agree with you about paring down and embracing simplicity. I went much simpler this year, and I don't regret it.

I did go very "live", too. I am proud to say that I kept all poinsettias alive through the season. They are still alive. That's an accomplishment for a brown thumb like me.

I have been away from home (and my computer) for awhile, and it is taking time to get caught up on blogs. It's nice to be back.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, especially when your boys got there. Ours was different due to some unplanned circumstances, but we made it through and are planning to embrace the new year.
Debbie said…
Just checking back to see if this comment ever posted. I'm glad it did.

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