To Know Him By Name


As I wrote in this post from yesterday, in preparation for Easter I am reviewing some of my old stand-by books--this one is by Kay Arthur with illustrations by Timothy R. Botts.


Jehovah Nissi-The Lord is My Banner

Ever watch the Rose Bowl Parade? Every marching band will have a big, huge banner that goes before it telling who it is. God is our banner. He is our identification. Everything that banner says and stands for symbolizes all that we have access to through Christ.

The names of God reveal His character. It is Who He Is and He does not act against it. It is this very character that chose to grow a tree, to have it hewn into a cross, and to give His only Son to be crucified on it so that we might enjoy all the benefits of this steadfast, loving, loyal, righteous character. In the words of the lovely song:

He grew the tree that He knew would be
Used to make the old, rugged cross.


He is the self-existent One--


the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end.


He is Jehovah Sidkenu--the Lord our Righteousness.


Oh, to act wisely and pursue justice--a tall order but scripture tells us in James if we lack wisdom, we can ask for it. He is our wisdom.


Jehovah Shalom--The Lord Our Peace


Dearest Friend,
As you prepare for Easter it is my prayer that
the Lord will bless and keep you,
that He will make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you,
That He will lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace.

2012--the year of less

My goal--less of me, more of Him, less clothes in my closet, less junk and stuff around the house, more simplicity--less disorder, more organization--

Pictures of calligraphy used by permission of Timothy R. Botts.

996th post

©all photographs and text property of Dianne Hogue unless otherwise noted


Sandy said…
Another wonderfully encouraging word! I have several books on all the names of the Lord and I frequently study them. That He is our Banner, our Peace, our Righteousness is almost overwhelming in the most wonderful way. If we stop and meditate on His glorious all-sufficient names we will see He has provided all we need in this life. May He help us to be able to believe and receive.
Nancy said…
Thank you so much for praying for us and for your gift of love to us that always points us to the Father.....

The lettering is both of these posts is absolutely beautiful...I wish I would take the time to learn calligraphy but I haven't as of yet.....

And oh how I agree with the year of less...less of me and less of everything but Jesus.....
Nava said…
Dianne--these are staggeringly beautiful. Is that a word? So glad your posting these. Thanks
Nava said…
This looks like your art work--it is heavenly--
Maria said…
Hi Dianne!
What a beautiful post!
I love your theme this year...
The year of less!
My husband would love this theme also!
We are trying so hard to downsize... It's easy to throw away crazy things that end up in the basement, but more difficult to part with things that used to belong to family.
It's a beautiful thing to give away things that are so needed by others though. I find this to be a grand JOY.
God bless you, Dianne!
Hoping all is well with you and your family ♥
~ Maria
Anita Johnson said…
I have been away for a few days helping an aunt move in her retirement home...your last posts have been BEAUTIFUL...Timothy Botts is a favorite of mine, too!

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