Armor of Light

This post is taken from my journal dated January 24, 2003.

 I am going to copy it word for word.

 {my words to God}

"I turn to You by faith, Lord--I turn deliberately from my mind's wanderings unto You, O Lord my God-- I am here to experience You,

O Lord-- Bring me into a vivid, personal, overmastering relationship to Jesus Christ to make me a minister and a witness.

Lord, I want to be devoted to You not a Cause--I want to be absolutely Yours--

As Paul said, 'For I am determined not to know anything among you, save Jesus Christ, and Him crucified.'

{God's Words to me in my spirit}
"Tell them I will exchange garments with them--in exchange for their rags and filthy clothing I will give them linens of purest white unsoiled by the world and the world's way of thinking which we know is 'calling evil good and good evil.' 
Rejoice, my daughter, and all you who hear My voice that you are clothed now in armor of light--The enemy cannot come near as long as you remain in me--I am your Source, your provider of Light, I am He Who is and was and is to come--"
{my words to anyone who feels called to listen}

"He is our armor of light--

'Lord, confuse the enemy around us--'

When people come out into the bright daylight after being in darkness, they don't know which way to go--such is our enemy--when we walk in the light as He is in the light--

we can be free, we can be free--

a seed, a mustard seed of faith, a mustard seed of faith, a mustard see of faith,

{God's Word to my spirit}

"Tell them about the speed of light" (I didn't know who them was then--I added these words in parentheses today) 
Light travels faster than anything else-- 
My light will go ahead of you--will penetrate the deepest darkness, will excise the most malignant tumors, will illuminate the darkest of nights-- 
My light reveals, heals, seasons, brings forth victory-- 
My light will guide you when all about you is darkness and deep miry clay-- 
You will step one way and be safe, you will step another way and be safe-- 
Your steps will be ordered by Me because you walk in My righteousness and My light--thus saith the Lord Your God."  

Amen and amen--

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