Broken and Poured Out

she walks hesitantly but with determination to the door and knocks

leper Simon opens the door

she does not turn and run from the disease

her disease was worse--spiritual leprosy

she enters the house, alabaster jar in hand--the best she had to give

she bows at His feet, tears streaming down

washes the feet of Jesus in rivulets of remorse

anoints his head with perfume poured from alabaster jar

simon refers to her as sinner, questions Jesus about her presence

disciples question wisdom of emptying alabaster jar of pure nard--could be sold, money given to the poor

Jesus explains that she is preparing Him for burial

Jesus is preparing her for burial

burial of a lifetime of sin and shame

He is preparing her for resurrection

resurrection of love that had died

love that will now love much

because it has been forgiven much


she poured out herself in worship to Jesus

her community viewed it all

will we do any less?

© all photographs and text property of Dianne Hogue unless otherwise noted
photo courtesy of Polly at

I made plans to post this today before I remembered that I had reposted it last year.
My apologies to my regular blog readers.  Thank you for your grace.


Debbie said…
Simply beautiful and so timely for this week. How thankful I am for the Resurrection. We can celebrate new life in Christ.

I had almost forgotten that I wrote about memorizing Psalm 19. I love when the Lord uses us in a special way like this. Hiding God's Word in our heart is so rewarding and helpful going through trials.

Thank you for your beautiful posts and friendship through our blogs. How fun it would be to have a bloggy get together one day this side of heaven.

Blessings and love,
Anita Johnson said…
This was beautiful Dianne...have a wonderful weekend celebrating all that God has done for us...
mom2six said…
I love this story and your retelling. I am feeling that today - the desire to be in her place - at His feet. Grateful that because He lives, I can.
Nava said…
Dianne--I do not see a place to comment on "Before the Cock Crows"-Everyone should have the opportunity to read this piece. It is a GREAT writing!! Thank you!

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