Choosing a Life's Verse

I would love for you to check out these two posts by my daughter-in-law, Dree Hogue.

They are about choosing a life's verse for your child.

In the second she includes the calligraphy work I did for their rooms with the life verse on it.

These canvases are really big--3 by 4 ft--

Hope you enjoy--it's never too late to claim life verses over your children or you might want to pass this on to your grandchildren's parents.

First post--choosing a life's verse

Second post-using a life's verse


Sandy said…
I just went over and read Dree's wonderful words of love about God's word and her much-loved girls. Also saw the beautiful calligraphy you did for Ashton and Noelle. I know they will cherish those forever and, as Dree said, take them wherever they go. I picked Jeremiah 29:11-13 for both Shaun and Seth when they were just tiny guys.
Debbie said…
I'm trying to get caught up with blog visiting this morning. I've been deleting things off this computer for days now trying my hardest to get her to let me venture about without problems.

So far, not all that good. I have trouble trying to click links from blogs so I'm not going to dare try and wake the giant yet again.


It's not the world's biggest problem if you have chronic computer problems, is it? In the words of my daughter, if that's my biggest problem then I don't have a problem.

Anyway, love the church post too. That's what we see a lot in this neck of the woods.

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