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Altogether Lovely

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One More Yellow Flower

I don't know where to start. I can't disclose all the details. It would hurt, unnecessarily, some very precious people I love very dearly. I can say that I had just buried someone very close to me--the pain of loving them, missing them almost too much to bear. On the day of the death, I received more devastating news that almost took me to the grave also--pain on top of pain that was burying me along with my loved one.

How do I bear this pain, Oh God? Will I survive or will it take me down to the depths? I somehow get through the next couple of days of neighbors and friends dropping by, of funeral arrangements, of remembering favorite rememberings, songs, and scripture.

Black hearses snake through the bleak countryside. Black thoughts snake through the tunnels of my mind going down to the pit of my gut.
Coffer is lowered--I feel my life's blood lowered with it--
Shortly after we arrive back at family home for meal and remembrances, I quietly, softly get in my car h…

Decorative Clothes Hangers

y mother-in-law had this old decorative clothes hanger for at least 30 years before I inherited it when she died 20 years ago.

 I've always loved it but didn't know just quite what to do with it.

 Recently, I noticed that Alisa Burke used clothes hangers to display lots of her artwork.

And when you are an artist, or an aspiring one, it can be quite expensive to frame everything you paint or make.

When I saw this post of hers, I knew immediately how I was going to hang a canvas that had been laying in my art studio far too long.

I unscrewed the metal hanger part which took about two seconds, and voila, had this most gorgeous hanger for my canvas.

A couple of staples and the job was done.

Well, almost--I've yet to press it and cut the little frayed threads off but that won't take long.  I should have done it tonight but got a "bug on" to get a post up about this.

You know how we bloggers can be.

Also the colors are not nearly this harsh--was shooting in artificial ligh…

Where Will Our Footprints Lead?

ou've heard and read from many people who are hoping for spring. They express their hope in a seemingly matter-of-fact fashion, never doubting the fact that the evidence of it will be seen.

As I was reading in Psalm 85 today I came across this portion of verse:

We expect seedlings and their little pinwheels of growth
because they came up last year
and the year before that......

We didn't hear them complaining if the weather wasn't perfect,
if there was too much rain, too much snow, too much wind,
Not enough sunshine--
Nor enough warmth--
They did what they were created to do.
They pushed through a sometimes troublesome sod.

And when they peeked out from behind nature's curtain
to make their annual debut
All heaven and earth was applauding
Faithfulness, once again, sprang forth.

You cannot see faith, but you can see the footprints of the faithful.  We must leave behind "faithful footprints" for others to follow.Dennis Anderson 

And so we, followers of the one true and livin…

I try to remember but......

This post I read today started me thinking, or remembering, or trying to remember. Especially the part where she referred to "making memories for one day when--"

One day when those activities would not be part of their normal day.

Oh yes, I remember keeping calendars of busy days filled with all the things that go in to raising three all-American boys.

I remember collecting those crammed packed calendars and thinking, "I will go back and reread them one day when my days aren't so busy--when I actually do have time to sit down and read."

But you know how it goes, I couldn't lay my hands on them now for love nor money.

But I try to remember.............

I try to remember the day I brought my first one home from the hospital--the first day my mom and I showered together--well, he gave us the shower--then we laughed until we almost wet ourselves.

I try to remember the day my 6 year old son wanted me to wear my midnight blue satin Christmas dress as I walked acro…

Our Refuge and Strength

God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.
Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea, though its waters roar and foam and the mountains quake with their surging.
The Lord Almighty is with us, The God of Jacob is our fortress.
from Psalm 46

I love to hear Pat Boone tell the story of his wife, daughters and him as they held hands and quoted this scripture together during one of the worst earthquakes in California's modern history.
God was surely their only refuge and strength.

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Sealing the Meeting With a Kiss

When we consider what happened on the cross after 4000 years, it's no wonder that the veil was RIPPED from top to bottom, the earth shook, rocks split, and some tombs of holy men and women of God emptied forth their dead and these people went walking about.

For in the words of Dutch Sheets in Intercessory Prayer, this is where

 "Mercy met judgment
Righteousness met sin
Light met darkness
Humility met pride
Love met hate
Life met death
A Cursed One on a tree met the curse that originated from a tree
The sting of death met the antidote of resurrection."
 and these meetings were head-on meetings--no mealy little clash of one against the other.

Sheets refers to the scripture in Proverbs

It is better to meet a she bear robbed of her cubs than a fool in his folly.

The Hebrew word paga is used here for the word "meet."  It is the same Hebrew word that is used many times for the word "intercession."

When we intercede for others or things, there is a meeting--a heavenly clas…

Open Door Weather


We are shivering here in central Arkansas.

33 degrees right now with a real feel of 21--

When I started to Conway this morning, it was sleeting at a pretty good clip but my car thermometer showed 33 so I decided to go ahead.

This is a great victory for me because as many of you know I have had "fear" issues most of my life. 

--fear of this, fear of that--

Last April I had a head-on collision with fear out in North Carolina and God continues to show Himself powerful in that area of my life, eclipsing some major fears with His wonderful peace.

 (But that is another story for another day)

The topic I was teaching on had a fire raging in my bones and I thought I would burst if I didn't get it out to the guys.

There was little that would have held me back today I think--only because of the FINISHED work of Jesus Christ in my life.

His work is finished, He said it when He was on the cross--

I am not finished but I am in a very hot kettle! smile

I started trying to write about this …

His Pages

Recently after several years of struggle, I finally decided to change the name of my blog.

I realized when I started trying to explain this that it would be much easier on you and me if I just made a simple explanation.

So here it is--I changed my mind--nevermind what all went in to that decision.

But maybe a little explanation is in order for the reason I chose "The Pages of My Life."

One of the most obvious reasons is that a blog is really a journal or a web log.  We get the name "blog" from the last four letters of that term.  And I wanted to keep a journal -- of sorts.

But the real reason is in the picture below.  His pages are the pages of my life.

In fact they are pages of life period--whether I accept them or not.

There is no true life apart from them.

So it is my privilege and joy to acknowledge God's Word through the name of my blog.

For those of you who are interested, I've included a couple of pictures in the sidebar under Pages, Co…

So I Need Your Help

So I am going to do something that I have never done before except one time for a very short length of time.

I am going to be mentoring the wife of one of our Renewal Ranch residents.  I am so excited.  She is precious and we have photography in common.  She has a college degree in photography!  I was researching tonight about mentoring and it stressed the importance of having something in common although it is not necessary.

I read how we do not have to be spiritual giants--just be sincere and authentic in our relationship with Christ or in other words a heart for Christ, experience in the Christian life or a few steps further down the road than the mentee, and a love for people.

One of my main purposes early on will be to establish what she needs from me--
--a better understanding of the Bible
--a prayer partner
--help in establishing a better devotional life
--parenting help

o, here is what I need from you. Would you kindly, in the comment section or in a private email to me, tell me wha…

Be Still

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