Monet's Inspiration

Photograph was edited with two layers of Kim Klassen's 1301--one at 12% opacity and one at 33%.
Font used is "Sunshine In My Soul."

Linking with Kim at Texture Tuesdays.

I walked out in my backyard the other day and this was what was blooming.  I am not sure what the simple flower is--maybe kind of daffodil or jonquil.

I am guessing that the other is some form of ruffled daffodil.

I love painting and photographing flowers.

© all photographs and text property of Dianne Hogue unless otherwise noted

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Kim @ Texture Tuesdays



elizabeth said…
So lovely! And this may be my favorite of your blog makeovers!
S. Etole said…
So pretty. I think the one you are wondering about is part of the narcissus family.
Nancy said…
I love your blog makeover as well....I can't seem to leave either one of my alone lately....It's fun to change them around....

Your picture is gorgeous. I think we are all so ready for this beautiful weather we are enjoying now.....

Hugs said…
Love how it looks like I'm looking at your photo through soft glass. Very nice.
Patrice said…
Gorgeous photo!
Debbie said…
I think we should just call it a jonquadil. It's beautiful, and you did such a gorgeous job of the photography and texture play. Sure wish I had that skill!

And thanks for the encouragement for me. It isn't blogging (but I am questioning that as well) but something that has me in such knots these days that it even steals my blogging joy.

I do appreciate prayer that if it is God himself calling me away from it I will hear the clear message. Since it is faith related, I don't know which side is doing the pulling.
Gracie said…
Beautiful work! The colors are brilliant.
EarlK said…
Beautiful. I like the extra rectangle. Nicely done.

EarlK said…
Very nice. I like the extra rectangle. Beautiful.


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