She Knows

For the sake of understanding the story--for those of you who don't know, Renewal Ranch is a place right outside of Conway, AR dedicated to helping men restore their lives through Christ, men who have been in the addictions of alcohol and/or drugs.

My husband and I are volunteers at the Ranch.

I know your time is valuable but if you get a chance I hope you will skim over it.

There is a very neat addendum to the story.

Right after I started taking pictures of this painting, a ray of sunlight suddenly engulfed it.

I will call the main character S. like I did in the other post.

S. never got in Renewal Ranch but he is walking free in God's victory today.  He has been clean for a year and two months.

In the other story, I posted that his problem was drugs.  However, it was alcohol.

A few months ago, S. met a young man in the throes of addiction and brought him to the Ranch.

His friend, R, got in.

A few weeks ago, S, R and I were asked to give our testimony.

I started telling basically the same story I told in the other post.

S. picked up where I left off and then R. told of his part of the story.

The thing is--we all KNOW beyond a shadow of any doubt that it was orchestrated by God and we give Him all the glory.

Wanting to remember this event and how God orchestrated it, I started a journal page last year.

I got almost finished and got discouraged about the girl's face.

Today I decided to paint in my art journal and happened to turn to this page.

I worked on her face a little bit and am pleased with it now.

In Him we live and move and have our being.  Acts 17:28

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Janis Cox said…
I love this story and your picture is awesome. Such depth of colour and her face is lovely.
What a great place for people who need to know the love of God.
Many blessings in your ministry,

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