Backyard Tour

We've had a fairly mild summer this year and we are finding that it sure helps the lushness.

We transplanted this Dusty Miller this year and it has grown so much I can't believe it--and even has little yellow blooms on it--we've had it several years but this is the first time we've ever had the yellow blooms.

The green foliage to the right is a white lily--it is so delicate and pretty--blooms in early spring.

This grass (not sure what variety) is getting huge.

The Shade Garden--azaleas, hostas, camelias, and ferns are located here--

The Butterfly Bush and the potting bench--I think I've showed you this one before--

I love Asian jasmine--


Knock-Out Rose bush that is overtaking the area.

Solomon's Seal--love, love, love it--

We planted a couple of little plants a few years ago and it just pops up here and there in the beds.

Starburst lilies and windchimes

We had hundreds of gardenia blooms this year--I took these pictures after they had finished blooming.

Hope you enjoyed the tour of our backyard.  To be in the middle of the city, we are blessed to have a beautiful backyard.  It is very private and had good bones when we moved in but we've done a lot of work to it--transplanted more bushes than you would ever want to know about.

We live on a fairly busy street but here in the backyard you can hardly hear a car going by--I don't know how that can be except the house acts as a barrier, I suppose, and our lot slopes up from the street and that may help some also.

My favorite backyard would be to live on a coastline but this will do in the meantime--we are blessed.
Thank you, Lord.

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elizabeth said…
Your yard is lovely!
Patty Sumner said…
It looks beautiful Dianne! I love all the wonderful shade and plants. I hope to have my yard looking nice next year. Blessings!
What a beautiful garden. I know you must enjoy time spent in it. I love the variety and arrangements.
Your yard is full of inspiration. This is such a wonderful and inspiring post. I would love it if you would share this post at our WIW linky party. Hope you can join us today!

Nava said…
Dianne---enjoyed your backyard photos--! Very pretty. Yes--it is a mild summer so far--lots of good rain--and like Colorado on the porch of a morning. Great! Saw three bucks with 8 point antlers down in the valley last night.

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