Belong-Five Minute Friday

Joining with the others at Five Minute Friday to write for five minutes and five minutes only using the prompt "Belong."

When I think of the word belong I think of the old song

Now I belong to Jesus, Jesus belongs to me, 
Not for the years of time alone But for eternity. 

Belonging to someone not for just the "years of time" but for eternity is a great feeling.

And I love that phrase "years of time,"--

What does it really mean--?

Time will have no meaning in eternity.

There will be no tomorrows and no yesterdays--

Not even a today--

I suspect that even "here and now" will have no meaning.

So, I simply belong to Jesus--

So, I simply belong.

So, I belong.

I belong.


Patty Sumner said…
I belong too, Dianne! Isn't it wonderful to meet others in the Family of God...Here we are, never meet but yet we belong....If we never meet this side of Heaven....we still belong.. Blessings@
Barb said…
Loved this post, Dianne. The word belong refers to ownership, and knowing I belong to the Lord is the SHINIEST thing in my life; is what holds me steady, keeps me focused, keeps me at peace midst all the chaos around me. The world uses the word belong when referring to material things, our children use the word when small, having not learned yet how bad a thing greed is. As we grow and mature, and hopefully reconnect with the ONE who died for us, the one who loves us so very much, we come to recognize just how precious the word BELONG is, when it's used in connection with our Creator.
Hope all is well with you and those you love. Always praying for you, always thanking God for bringing you into my life. My days are shinier- more sunny, because you're part of them.
Hugs and much love.
Debbie Petras said…
We are on the same page with our FMF posts today. No better place to belong than with Jesus.

Blessings and love,
Good reminder that belonging to Christ transcends time. lovely.
Denise said…
awesome post.
Rosario said…
Beautiful. This is perhaps what I need to do on Fridays. I have been neglecting my blog. Because I make time for other things in my life. But I would make it part of my schedule from now on to read just one post from the blogs I follow, One ever day. And at least write one post myself on my blog each week. Even if it just a five minute post.

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