My husband's cousin posted this picture on Facebook yesterday with the cute little comment, 
"There is grass under there waiting to be mowed."

I had been fiddlin' around with a new app I got for my IPad.  

It is called Waterlogue and I LOVE it.

Oh, there's lots of talk going around the internet about how people will try to use it and pass it off as a real watercolor.  

But, to me if I like it, I like it and don't care how it's done.

Granted, I wouldn't want to pay top dollar for a digital watercolor but as many of you know

some of my watercolor prints have a little digital work and I love what it adds to the overall look.

My digital work is my own and not that of an app.

However, to me this is just too lovely not to be enjoyed.

So what do you think and which one is your favorite?

Oh, also, just looking at these pictures gives me ideas of how I would begin a watercolor like this, what colors I would use--very inspiring.

And sometimes just beginning is the hard part.

We are "iced in" here.  It is beautiful but they are saying strong winds are coming in tomorrow which means the danger of tree limbs falling and power outages.

I just got word that a huge tree fell on two bedrooms of a friend's daughter's house.  They are okay, praise God.  Her name is Candace.  Please pray for her and her family as they deal with this.


©All art, photographs and text property of Elizabeth Dianne unless otherwise notes, 2008-2014, all rights reserved

Photo credit:  My husband's cousin, John Haskin, in Michigan. He is an artist/illustrator and creates some stunning images.


Patsy Paterno said…
Dropped by to see your waterlogued pictures. Hmm, I think I'd like to read discussions about it. Lots of discussions too about tracing and copying, etc. I guess there are purists and then there are people like me who just enjoy what there is available. I've been using it left and right, taking pictures of ordinary things and turning them into little works of art. As long as we say what it is, and not pass it off something we made, I think that'll be fine. Happy day to you! patsy
"As long as we say what it is, and not pass it off something we made, I think that'll be fine."--

I totally agree with that statement, Patsy.

Hey, so glad you hopped over for a visit!
Jeanne said…
This looks like such a fun app. Wonder if it will go on my IPHONE. Thank goodnes your friends daughter wasn't injured.
Jeanne said…
How exciting! This works just fine on my iPHONE! Thanks for the heads up!
elizabeth said…
I love the waterlougue app! To me it's no different that using all of the textures, photoshop and actions on a photo. I love the first one the best of the tree.
We are having high winds starting tonight clear through Thursday. Prayers appreciated as our house is surrounded with huge old trees!
Sandy said…
How cool! I like the second one best.
Anita Johnson said…
Wow...that is something. And beautiful. And here to stay. I realize this old dog needs to learn and embrace new tricks...it just might take me awhile to adjust!

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