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Search me, God, and know my heart;
 test me and know my anxious thoughts.
See if there is any offensive way in me,
 and lead me in the way everlasting.
Psalm 139:23, 24


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I Wore A Garland Yesterday

Yesterday was my birthday and it was such a gift. I had the best day I've had in many weeks--physically, emotionally, spiritually and every other way.

I know as Christians that we are supposed to walk by faith and not by sight but it seems I had not been walking in my faith as I should have.  The rigors of all the aspects of rehab plus the pain had begun to take a toll PLUS I went long weeks without sleeping and sleep deprivation is a killer.

However, yesterday could not have been more beautiful.  I wore a garland--a garland of love, best wishes, cards, texts (especially from grandchildren), phone calls, Facebook greetings and I shared it with my aunt, my daughter-in-law, my sister, my sister-in-law,  a first cousin, my niece and her two beautiful children (Lilly and Dax) and two out of three of my sons--I talked by phone with the other one and his precious family.

Here is one of the flowers I wore yesterday--my beautiful great niece, Lilly Jane!

I am loaded down with garlands-…

Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem IV and Afghanistan

It has been several weeks since I posted about praying for the peace of Jerusalem but today is the day we start back on our quest to pray for Israel and one other nation each Wednesday.

Today as I thought about the readers of this blog from other countries, my heart stopped at Afghanistan.

Heavenly Father, Our hearts are filled with thoughts and prayers for our brothers and sisters in Israel and Afghanistan--also for those who do not know you and are not members of this great family of God by trusting in your only Son, Jesus Christ. Lord, I pray today that You will make Yourself known to them--show Yourself mighty and strong and the answer to every one of their needs.  May Your Holy Spirit move upon those nations and cause people in great numbers to turn to you. Oh God, our hearts go out to the refugees all across Europe and we pray Your love, peace, protection and provision for them.  May many come to You during this time of extreme hardship. We always pray in Jesus' Name for…

Recovery and Blessings to be Counted

Ihave missed you and missed being in this spot where we raise our voices in prayer together.

As most of you know, I had total knee replacement surgery on August 11.  I have had good days and bad days--highs and lows--ups and downs--victories and defeats.

One of the good things is--the range of motion in my knee is better than my last knee surgery.

I painted for the first time since surgery three or four days ago--the sunflower picture above is the first one.

I have really disappointed myself during this recovery in many ways--being jealous and envious of those who are able to do all the things that I am not able to do--the enemy comes in and tries to make me feel sorry for myself--

of almost every person and activity I notice------------the knees are working-------and mine aren't!

Do I notice that the eyes are working and mine are also?

Do I notice that the ears are working and mine are too?

Do I notice a thousand different parts of the human body that are functioning properly …