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Americana-Pioneer Woman Photography Assignments

This photograph was featured on Day 1 of the Americana photography assignments, The Pioneer Woman. Follow this link to see it on her site.

Fall-Bokeh, featured on Pioneer Woman

This photograph of fall bokeh was featured on The Pioneer Woman's Photography website fall, 2009. Follow this link to see it on her website.

photo challenge-beverage

This photograph was taken of a wine shelf at Olive Garden.

I am linking up to Thursday's photo challenge here.

"into each day" canvas

My neighbor, Cynthia, commissioned me to do this piece. She got the idea from a Pottery Barn catalog. We changed the wording a little and added a whimsical hand, (this particular one was designed by Lisa Englebrecht, I believe) and went from there. One really cool thing about it is the red edging I did around the outside edges. It goes great with the red chest she bought to go under it. I really did not want to do this piece at first, and I really don't know why but I am so glad I did. I learned so much. And I learned that what looked so easy actually took a lot more time thanI expected. All in all, it was an awesome experience and I learned so much. Thank you, Cynthia, for asking me to do this piece. It really has opened up some new doors for me.

Lisa Englebrecht Workshop

This past weekend, Travis, Sandy and I went to the Tulsa Calligraphy Guild's retreat at Western Hills Lodge outside of Wagoner, OK for Lisa Engelbrecht's workshop. We had an incredible time and learned so much. I will post a few of Lisa's pieces and post what I did.

The rest of the group made alphabet books--they were abc books of intentions about their desires and aspirations as an artist. I chose to do some small wall hangings instead. I don't work "small" very well since I am used to working on 3' by 4' canvases. I don't feel that my lettering is my best. I usually don't do my best lettering in a group but I feel my work reflects a lot of the techniques and composition I learned.

This is one of my favorites of Lisa's.

another one of Lisa's . . . . ........................

And this is my humble attempt at mixed media. The scripture says, "Whom have I in heaven but you and earth has nothing I desi…