Hi! Welcome to my blog. I am so glad you decided to stop by.

A little about me--I am a former stay-at-home mom and then a teacher. Right now I am retired from teaching and love reading, painting, writing, photography, blogging, and basketball.

I am married to Larry, my husband of many years, father to my three sons, father-in-law to our  precious daughters-in-law and grandfather to our seven living grandchildren.  We lost one grandchild, Kennedy, in 2017.  Only God has seen us through her loss.

I am a Christian who loves the Lord with all my heart--He, and the study of His Word, is what gives me hope, vision, a center, and a purpose.

My main purpose for keeping this blog is to glorify God and exalt Him.  In some small way I hope that your heart will be lifted and encouraged as you visit here.  I love hearing from you and hope that you will feel free to email me.  

A little poetry or prose, some smiles through tears, hopefully some laughter along the way, a piece of my art work or my former students' writings, an inspiring photograph, references or stories about those I love most--pages filled with His wonder. It is my hope that your stay here is relaxing and enjoyable. Welcome! I love making new friends.

Elizabeth Dianne