Monday, December 29, 2008

KENDALL'S FANS!!!!!!!!!!


Monday night, December 29, 2008, the family and a few others donned our Kendall t-shirts and went to see him play basketball at Hall High School. They played a team from Louisiana and won. Kendall had 14 points with 6 of them coming down the stretch after the opposing team had pulled within 2 points. Kendall got a nice write-up in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette.

The t-shirts read:
Kendall's Boompa
Kendall's Mimi
Kendall's slimmest fan worn by Chris
Kendall's cuz worn by several
Kendall's bodyguard
Kendall's biggest fan worn by Michael
Kendall's favorite aunt worn by two aunts

Kendall's uncle's friend from Ohio
Kendall's chauffeur's mom

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

What a glorious weekend we had with all the kids and grandkids except our precious Kailey. 

We miss you, baby girl and hope that we never have to celebrate without you again. 

We all worshiped together at The Summit Church this morning and spent yesterday and today eating, decorating the tree, and playing Scrabble and Dirty Rummy, remembering, belly laughing and of course, shedding a few tears, most of them by Mimi (me) because I get all emotional when I have them all together. 

There is no greater gift in all the world than having all of them together.

From the bottom of my heart, Dear Lord, I thank and praise you and give you all the glory. It's really all about you just like the sermon said this morning--Christ alone, through faith alone.

I made a recent purchase of a tripod and we set it up and used the timer on my camera for this little snapshot. I think it looks pretty good not to have an actual photographer.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


I have written before about how humbled and happy I am to be able to create calligraphy on canvas that hangs on the walls of peoples' homes.

Almost all, if not all, of my calligraphy is scripture so that makes it a double blessing for me.

And I hope it is a real blessing for those who have it in their homes and read it regularly.

I am not quite finished but am including a picture of my latest canvas. It reads, "For God who said, 'Let light shine out of darkness,' made His light shine in our hearts to give us the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ." This passage is from Corinthians.

Recently, a dear friend sent me an email entitled "Cardboard Testimonies." She told how she started sobbing less than halfway through it. I did the same thing. And at the time I checked my email, I was taking a break from working on "this beautiful canvas," and there staring at me were these crude, cardboard signs that evoked such strong emotions. Would my "beautiful canvas" ever make anyone cry like this?

I realized afresh how God can take the most common things and translate them into beauty. Those cardboard posters were more meaningful than anything I saw in the Louvre in Paris. I am including the YouTube video of these testimonies in this blog. Please take a few minutes and stand amazed at what the power of God can do when we embrace Him.

Monday, October 27, 2008


Click on the photos to see an enlarged version of my awesome photography! LOL

This is NOT a real picture-taking session. These are models who volunteered their time to help the photographers with posing, taking pictures from different angels, with different lighting techniques, etc. to help us learn.

Photographers gather at Trapnall Hall.

Lance, the president of APPA, hands out name tags.

The model bride doing what a bride does the day of her wedding. This is when the photo sessions usually start these days.

Curling her hair.

The photographers are gathered in the dressing room with the bride to capture those priceless moments. This is my precious friend, Barb, who is a photographer and invited a "wannabe" like me to participate in this fun day!

I love this picture. The model was truly checking something on the back of her dress. It was only a instant but I caught it!

She dons her veil.

The beautiful back of her dress.

I love this picture with the groom looking on in the background.

The models steal a moment when the phtographers are discussing a question. Cute!

The happy couple!

Barb takes a moment to make a phone call.

The bride anticipates the arrival of her bridegroom.

He arrives!

The photographers!

The bride strikes a beautiful pose.

Lunch at The Flying Fish with Barb, Larry, Kristen, and Heather!

The seniors take the stage!

Some of the "graffiti" under the I-30 downtown bridge.

Supermodel wind was blowing!

What a cool black and white shot but I wish I had not centered the pole.

Walking back to Trapnall Hall we spotted several interesting shots.

The artist in me did a double take when I saw this painted on the side of a delivery truck.




The following pictures were taken at the Foster Robinson House in Little Rock. It is the former home of Senator Joe T. Robinson.

This is the one of our models but I have to say this is the way we were all feeling at the end of a very productive day.

What an awesome time I had today with the Arkansas Professional Photographers Association. I learned so much and am so proud of some of the pictures I was able to get with my little Canon XT Rebel. My camera looked like a little baby camera compared to these incredibly huge cameras the professional photographers were carryingl. I just tried to act nonchalant LOL--like I was supposed to be there--

All of the pictures above are pictures I took today as we learned from one another. These were not real picture-taking sessions but models who volunteered to help us out. I would like to say that the bride and groom truly are newlyweds. They just got married in September. We had seniors in high school volunteer for us to take "mock" senior pictures.

We met at Trapnall Hall first thing this morning--talked, learned, shot pictures of the bride and groom. From there we went downtown and ate together at The Flying Fish, then shot the pictures of the seniors in the RiverMarket area, then walked back to Trapnall Hall, drove to the Foster Robinson House on Broadway and took pictures of the family there.

Monday, October 20, 2008


These are my precious Tulsa babies (well they are not really babies--Ashton is 8 and Noelle is 4 TODAY) at the Bixby Punkin' Patch!

Noelle, Happy Birthday. I love you!

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