JEFF GETS DOUSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeff's 9th grade basketball team won the district championship last night at Jessieville. Ryan had 21 points. The game before he went 5 for 5 from the 3-point range. Dakota and Drake had 11 points each. It was a great win--by about 15 points against Episcopal. The players drenched Jeff after the game. I used to think watching my sons play was hard (although incredible fun) but I think watching them coach is even harder.

Thank God for games like basketball that are so much fun but teach us so much about life. I loved the way the players prayed together after the game. To God be the glory--great things he has done.


Marianne Wilcox said…
Hey, girl! Wow. That takes me back (Blake playing for the state championship 5-A in the New Orleans Superdome and scoring 8 points. What a day!)and WA-AY back to when Larry was playing for NLRHS and UA. I'll never forget him getting the MVP award in the All-Stars and then my finding the trophy in one of the boy's toy box in Tulsa! LOL)
Anyway, there just ain't nothing better, is there? Jack's an incredible little athlete at (almost) 13. Just wish I lived closer to him...and them.
I think Truman will probably be good. His dad and Missy both are. Of course, we'll have to get past the head spinning around stage first. Uh, The Exorcist. LOLOL)
I'm in the bed...all day. Haven't done that in well, can't remember when. Upper respiratory thing.
Take care. Hi to all.

Back boobs, huh? That's hilarious.

Love you,

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