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Matt's journal
How do I start? I don't want to be a broken record or bring you down first thing on Monday morning and yet I have a blog entitled "Everything Else Thrown In." And that is because I knew when I started keeping this journal that I would want to write about most everything that is happening in our lives. Then when I read the last sentence of Mere Christianity I knew that would tie together all of my random thoughts and my dependence upon God and belief that He does supply everything that we need.

 Those of you who know me or have read my blog for a while know that I have done numerous posts and series of posts on praying for my descendants, the men of Renewal Ranch, my extended family and their children and grandchildren and my friends' seed. I haven't been as faithful as I wanted to be in posting my prayers for them but you can read some of my heart and prayers for them on the page to the right entitled "Pray With Me."

 I say all that to tell you a marvelous miracle that God brought to our family during the time of Matt's death and funeral services. Our long time pastor friend from Tulsa, OK, Gary "Doc" Blevins, officiated. Ever since I have known him (I first met him when he was our oldest son's 8th grade Sunday School teacher), Doc has been passionate, fervent and faithful in leading young people to Christ.

 During those years he was my son's Sunday School teacher, he would come over to our home to visit. We would sit around and dream about having a church where he was the pastor and I sang--smile--well, that did eventually come true.

 Because my sister and her family made many trips to Tulsa and spent all of their vacations there, Doc naturally came to know Matthew Daniel Duke --as he always referred to him, when years later, every time I would see him, he would always ask me how Matthew Daniel Duke was doing.  It just seemed appropriate that he conduct Matt's services.

 One of the things Doc has a gift for is leading people to Christ--helping them to understand God's plan for salvation and why we need a Savior--he explained this at Matt's services and then............. He asked everyone who wanted to and felt led to to repeat after him the prayer of asking Jesus Christ in to their heart and life, accepting His forgiveness for their sins and becoming a new creation in Christ.

 He also asked those of us who were sure we had done this already to join in the prayer in recommitment and support for those who were doing it for the first time. So there we were --a full chapel and all of my family praying together to receive Christ. It was a beautiful moment. The best I can count about 50 members of my own family and probably 200 more were praying together.

 Of course, I don't know how many received Christ and his free gift of salvation that day but if it was one, I thank and praise God from the bottom of my heart.

 My oldest son did call me to tell me that a teacher from his school told him about this the next day after a faculty meeting: The teacher's sister-in-law called to tell her that a co-worker had been to a funeral the day before where they talked a lot of God (she was not a believer)--she had made arrangements to go out with the teacher's sister-in-law to find out more about "this God" that she had heard about--yes, at Matt's funeral.

 God is faithful--I humbly, once again, ask for your prayers for my family and would you either email me or tell me in the comments section how I can pray for you and your family? I know we are not the only ones going through hard times. And I would consider it an honor to pray for you and yours.


Debbie said…
I have tears in my eyes right now. What a wonderful gift your Matt helped to leave behind. This is really, really wonderful.
Mary B said…
I agree with Debbie...Matt did leave a wonderful gift.
Peabea said…
How wonderful that Texture Tuesday led me to your blog. Love what you have shared here on your pages. My son recently accepted Jesus as his savior and it was a much needed acceptance as he was dealing with so many demons in his life and he felt unworthy. Now he is so changed and a great example of what God/Jesus can really do and the miracles each day. I am keeping him in my prayers for continued guidance and ask that you might include him in one of your prayers. Thanks...
Anita Johnson said…
These posts have broken my heart, and at the same time given me much hope! These journal entries are a gift...I continue to keep your family in my prayers.
Sandy said…
I agree with Anita, your posts have been
heartbreaking as well as encouraging,
hopeful. We know we have hope in Christ
because we would never be able to live
this life without it. You all miss dear
Matt so much yet you know he is right
there now with Jesus. It is bittersweet,
it is hard, it is life.
So sorry for your loss....rejoicing on his entry to be with the Lord. May you be lifted up during this time before the throne, as you reap what you have sown in prayers for others.
Karen said…
Dianne, numerous times our Lord has brought you & your family to my mind. My heart continues to remain heavy for you all. I've been away and have caught up on the last few posts. What a great testimony your nephew has shared with others in his living & dying. I pray the Lord will wrap his arms around you & your sister may feel the warmth of HIS embrace as she rests in HIS lap during the weeks ahead.

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