Would You Consider This?

Would you consider starting to keep a daily journal in honor of Matt? There are no words to describe the comfort that Matt's journal has given the family. His particular journal is the "Experiencing God" one by the Blackaby's. I have read several of the devotionals and they look very good. I have almost always used Oswald Chambers but I am going to purchase this one and start keeping it in Matt's memory.

Would you please say a special prayer for my sister today?  She is a school teacher and is going to work today two days after burying her baby boy.  That is a miracle.  I am so proud of her but she desperately needs your prayers.

My sister is assigned to a new school this year.  My husband, sister-in-law, and I took her there yesterday afternoon and I think God hand-picked the school where she needed to be this year.  I think they are going to be towers of strength for her.

My precious friend, if you are needing a tower of strength today, I pray that you will turn to our precious Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

I love you.  Be blessed today.


Rebecca said…
I just went back and read your last several posts. My heart is sick for you and your family, especially your sister. I can't even imagine losing a child...not at any age.

Handsome young man...gone too soon.

What I do know is that God allows things we do not understand. Something great and lasting will surely come out of the death of this loving son...

My prayers are with you and all your family. You are loved and cared about...

My deepest sympathies to you over your profound loss...

Love, Rebecca
Adoption Mama said…
Diane, thank you for letting us take a glimpse into your pain and the pain of your family.

Pain. That's what my Jesus knows alot about.

Rest in Him, today, friend.
elizabeth said…
This journal entry had to be such a blessing. I cannot imagine your sister's pain. Praying each time I think of you and yours.
Rosario said…
I do keep a journal, filled with so many thoughts and prayers. Notes from daily readings. But at times it gets buried among other papers and gets forgotten for other activities. Blogs are also devotionals to me. I thank God that he knows just how to get me back into his world. And leave mine aside to see that there is others out there that are going through tough times too, and be a friend, an intercessor.

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