Just a Short Note

Hi there!  Surgery went well--rehab is tough!  Time consuming, painful, etc. etc....

Some days I wake up and think I am making progress--others I feel like I have taken some giant steps backwards--at any rate,  some things I have not been able to do are two of the things I love most--reading and writing--so-- needless to say I haven't been on the computer much except to rent movies--I am so thankful for my laptop--it has been a lifesaver.
I am spending up to 6 hours a day on the Continuous Passive Motion machine--at the angle I am now, it prevents reading comfortably so I have watched a lot of television--something I haven't done in years--and something I am anxious to get away from as soon as I recover enough--I also go to outpatient therapy three times a week and other exercises here at home. 
By the time I am through with it all, I am exhausted--also became anemic due to loss of blood during surgery so it has been tough trying to regain my strength.
I hate for this to sound "all about me."  I hope all of you are doing well--please let me know in the comments section if there is any way in particular that I can pray for you and yours. 
Still coveting your prayers,


elizabeth said…
So glad to have the update on how you are doing. I pray for supernatural strength to flow into your body and for a quickening of the healing process. Love you much dear one.
Rosario said…
Dear Dianne, I am thankful that you are recovering from your surgery. I did not know about it. But still know that you are a very special person to me. I have always been comforted and inspired by your comments. I will be praying you recover quickly. Your friend, Rosario
Anita Johnson said…
I have thought of you many times these past weeks. My mom used to a CPM machine too...not much to do but watch TV while on it. Remember to ice the knee after therapy! I will continue to pray for your recovery! As I said before, my mom (85) is doing so well and will do her other knee next year. The therapy is so tiring, but remember the goal...to be BETTER than you were before surgery...not just the same. Hang in there my friend. Thanks for the update!
Maria said…
I will now stop worrying about how my kitchen is turning out! Oh Dianne ~ you will be in my thoughts and prayers for a quick and gentle recovery ♥ take heart, as some things must take time. I know once the healing begins, you will come back strong!
God be with you, dear ♥
Mary B said…
THANK YOU for posting this update! You have been in my thoughts and prayers and I will continue praying for you. Love you my friend.

Sandy said…
Dearest Friend,
So good to hear a word from you even if it is
about your pain. I know you will start to feel
better soon because so many are praying for you.
My prayer request? That you regain your strength
and get up and around again AND get back to the
wonderful and encouraging blogging that I love
so much!
Love you,
mom2six said…
Dianne - I have had limited internet access over the last several months and did not catch that you were having surgery. I am praying for you today - smooth recovery and restoration. Father, Spirit of God, bring health and healing to Dianne. Hover over her with your presence, fill her with joy in the midst of this tiring journey. Thank you Jesus that you hear our prayers.
Debbie said…
It's wonderful to see an update. I have not forgotten you in my prayers. In fact, I'm praying for you and still for your family, including Phillip.

I pray that after this rest and recovery, you will feel like a whole new person soon.

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