Please Pray For Me

I go for therapy in two hours and my knee is locked and will not bend to the position the therapist wants it to--I've been through lots of pain in my life with ruptured discs, having babies with no anesthesia to speak of, etc. etc but I have never experienced anything that even remotely comes close to this. Please pray either that I will be able to bear the pain or that my knee will unlock. I feel like I can't take much more of this. My heart goes out to you who suffer pain like this every day of your life. Thank you.


Praying right so sorry! May He continue to strengthen where you are weak...may you lean on His ever lasting arms. Healing in Jesus name and continuing to pray
Adoption Mama said…
Lord, you are the Mighty Healer and Gracious Giver of life. Please relieve my dear friend of her pain, but through it all help her to look to your strength.
Karen said…
Dianne, I can't tell you the many times the Lord has brought you to mind. I will definitely pray for healing and for the knee to bend. Hoping the pain leaves soon.
Sandy said…
Dearest Friend, you know Kim and I have not
stopped praying. We are so sorry to hear this
news. We just prayed and will continue to pray
that the knee unlocks and that your healing
manifests very quickly now. Let us know how
you are.
Love you,

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