Thank You!

I am home from therapy. My precious therapist prayed with me and we had a good sesssion. I could feel your prayers. Knee unlocked and went to 114 degrees. My ultimate goal is 120. I am so encouraged. Still lots of pain to work through but I think I can do it. I love you. Thank you so much for your prayers. Please pray for my sister, Mary Jane. Today is her birthday--her first one without her son, Matt. If you didn't know it already, I love you. You are so precious to me.


Mary B said…
Dear Dianne,

So glad your knee unlocked and you are feeling encouraged! Did you get my note? I am praying for you and will continue to do so.

love you my friend!

elizabeth said…
YaY for the good news about your progress. Soon you'll be up and running! Praying for the Holy Spirit to comfort you sister in a very real way.
Sandy said…
Hey Girl,
So thankful to hear your knee unlocked and you
had a good session. It's wonderful that your
therapist prayed with you. That made all the
difference I'm sure. Hope you got my card I
sent. I love you and am continuing to pray
for you daily. And yes, you CAN make it!
You are so strong and brave.
I love you,
Debbie said…
I have not stopped praying for your family. I know how broken your sister's heart must be. Birthdays and other holidays will bring a special longing. Take heart. Know that others have not sinned against God by failing to pray for you.
Karen said…
so great to hear this good news. Don't lose hope! Better days ahead - still thinking of you and praying for full recovery.

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