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And Having Done All--to Stand!

It's interesting to watch the seasons of our dogwood tree.  In spring it bursts forth with blossoms too beautiful to comprehend--much less try to describe.

Some have attempted to write legends about the dogwood blossom--comparing its beauty to the one most devastatingly beautiful event in history for the Christian--the death, burial and resurrection of our Savior, Jesus.

In summer, it stands--not the most gorgeous of its seasons--but, it stands.  In Arkansas, the dogwood can endure temperatures that range from 115 degrees (summer before last) to 0 degrees and slightly below in the winter.

The pictures above were taken yesterday--our dogwood in Fall--the leaves all sun kissed with warmth and color.

I want to be like this dogwood--to bend with the winds of adversity--but not break--to flower when the season is right--to stand when things get hot--to go with the flow of the seasons of my life--to bring sun kissed warmth and glory to my magnificent Savior.

And having done all--to stand…

Pumpkins and Sunflowers

Water soluble oils!

also w.s. oils

 I love how watercolor paints itself--you give it just a suggestion and it does the rest--

watercolor and calligraphy calligraphy is from Matthew 6

Wow! The days are passing so fast--it's crazy!

I have really been trying to get back into painting since we finished the redecorating project we had going for a while.  Here is a link to the dining room makeover.

I'm having so much fun and finding new freedom and confidence in creating.  One of the greatest hindrances to creating is FEAR--But, after all, it's just a sheet of watercolor paper, right?  Or a canvas!  The worst that can happen is that I tear it up and make place cards for the family for the holidays or tear it up PERIOD.  I don't think that would be the end of the world!

Hope your fall is special.  Our daughter-in-law is having surgery October 1.  Please say a prayer for her.  One of our granddaughters was in a horrible car accident but they came out with mostly scratches…

Falling Rains

Have you ever really thought about this verse? I've read it before but don't know that I had really dissected it until now. So what are the spring rains like where you live? Here in Arkansas we experience the gamut of differences in our spring rains.

At times I've happened to look out the window and notice that everything is wet--the soft, pitter patter of the gently falling droplets come into and out of my life with no sound at all.

At other times,  I hear the ping, ping of gently falling rain steadily making its presence known watering and feeding all within its reach.

I especially love the drumming of the steady, long term rain--the kind where I know I can reach for a good book, lay down on the sofa with my most comfy afghan, read a couple of hours and know that it will still be raining when I arise.

In this neck of the woods we also experience gale force winds that blow sheets of rain in an almost horizontal line--pounding, breaking, surging, engulfing everything …

Texture Tuesday, A Beautiful Birch Tree

This week's picture for Texture Tuesday is a shot of a beautiful birch tree my husband and I saw today as we were walking by the Arkansas and Maumelle Rivers. It was edited in Lightroom then brought to Photoshop where it was textured with Kim Klassen's Vintage Peel, multiply mode at 46%. The rest of the pictures are not textured--just edited with my own presets in Lightroom.


I'm also connecting with Life Through the Lens--