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Click on the photos to see an enlarged version of my awesome photography! LOL
This is NOT a real picture-taking session. These are models who volunteered their time to help the photographers with posing, taking pictures from different angels, with different lighting techniques, etc. to help us learn.

Photographers gather at Trapnall Hall.
Lance, the president of APPA, hands out name tags.

The model bride doing what a bride does the day of her wedding. This is when the photo sessions usually start these days.

Curling her hair.

The photographers are gathered in the dressing room with the bride to capture those priceless moments. This is my precious friend, Barb, who is a photographer and invited a "wannabe" like me to participate in this fun day!

I love this picture. The model was truly checking something on the back of her dress. It was only a instant but I caught it!

She dons her veil.

The beautiful back of her dress.

I love this picture with the groom looking on in the background.



These are my precious Tulsa babies (well they are not really babies--Ashton is 8 and Noelle is 4 TODAY) at the Bixby Punkin' Patch!
Noelle, Happy Birthday. I love you!


This was written several years ago.

Today I came across an old, minute flower pressed between the pages of my Bible. It reminded me of another day many years ago when the storms of life were seemingly raging at every turn.

I remember strolling through my backyard--heart consumed with grief; unending tears, not splashing but constant rivulets urging recollections of happier times. I tried to encourage my soul to think on good things as the Bible tells us to do but couldn't seem to tear my mind away from the negative thoughts.

Philippians 4:8
8 Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable — if anything is excellent or praiseworthy — think about such things.

The end of verse 9 goes on to say "and the God of peace will be with you."

I knew as a Christian I was not supposed to be in such turmoil in my mind and heart but could not seem to find anything lovely or good to think upon. About that t…


While in Tulsa, Chris, Dree, the girls and I had lunch at Ricardo's. It has been in operation since 1972 and I have frequented it quite frequently for the past 34 years barring the last 4 since we don't live in Tulsa anymore.

A cute story about Chris goes like this: Since our two other sons were already in school, Chris always accompanied my friends and me when we went to Ricardos for lunch. And many of these outings were on very cold, blustery days. That is when we loved to go the most. A year or so before Chris started to school full time, the main friends that I had gone with moved away and that left Chris and me to go to Ricardos, just the two of us, which I have to say was so, so special.

BUT after being at home for 12 years with little children, as special as it was, I was ready for them all to head off to school and have some time to clean house, cook, grocery shop, sew, and take a few painting lessons.

A few days before time for Chris to enter 1st grade and a full day at …


This is Ashton's homeschooling ballet class. The teacher was incredible. Thank you, Missy, for allowing me to take so many pictures. The first couple of pictures are of Ashton, then some of the class and and then a couple of the older girls.