While in Tulsa, Chris, Dree, the girls and I had lunch at Ricardo's. It has been in operation since 1972 and I have frequented it quite frequently for the past 34 years barring the last 4 since we don't live in Tulsa anymore.

A cute story about Chris goes like this: Since our two other sons were already in school, Chris always accompanied my friends and me when we went to Ricardos for lunch. And many of these outings were on very cold, blustery days. That is when we loved to go the most. A year or so before Chris started to school full time, the main friends that I had gone with moved away and that left Chris and me to go to Ricardos, just the two of us, which I have to say was so, so special.

BUT after being at home for 12 years with little children, as special as it was, I was ready for them all to head off to school and have some time to clean house, cook, grocery shop, sew, and take a few painting lessons.

A few days before time for Chris to enter 1st grade and a full day at school, I went into his room and found him crying. I asked him what was wrong and he said he was crying because I wouldn't have anyone to go to lunch with me at Ricardo's any more. I think I laughed and cried at the same time. What a sweetheart! So, naturally, since they just moved back to Tulsa, I had to take him to Ricardo's--30 years later and this time we were accompanied by his precious family, Dree, Ashton, and Noelle. Thank you Lord for precious memories.