A Poem for the Prisoner

The post today is dedicated to all of you who have someone who won't be spending Thanksgiving with you this year because of imprisonment of one sort or the other.

The day I wrote this poem, my heart was hurting for an acquaintance who had gone to prison. I had just driven over the top of a hill and the steeple of a beautiful white church was draped against a blazing autumn sky.

The steeple pointed my mind straight to the God of the Universe who cares about my every thought. These are the words that came to me. I realized later that this poem could just as well describe the person who is locked in spiritual, mental, emotional, addictive situtations, or as one reader pointed out in a comment on the original post, even in their own neighborhoods.

 As I topped the rise this late Autumn morn, 
 I saw a sight—my heart stood still 
 For there in majesty rose on that hill 
 A church, a steeple, a life reborn. 

 How does a person walking free 
 Express in words the colors seen 
 The blazing reds and fading green 
 To a person behind bars who cannot see? 

 I want my eyes to see for all, 
 My heart to express in words the artistry, 
 The myriad hues of God’s tapestry, 
 To see for those who saw before their fall. 

 I want my heart to feel for those 
 Who barbed-wire now a prisoner makes 
 I want to comfort for Jesus' sake, 
The broken-hearted one who feels enclosed. 

 Please know that if for just one day 
 I would give my eyes for you to see 
 I’d give my liberty for you to be 
 Among society—walking free! 

 The sights you’d see, they would astound, 
 And you in words could portray to me 
 In vivid scenes that I could never see 
 Just how beautiful your life—now found!

© all photographs and text property of Dianne Hogue unless otherwise noted
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