Exciting News!

Okay, I am so excited I can hardly stand it. My awesome friend, Nava, is starting a blog today. The picture I am sharing here is from her first post. Please hop over HERE and check her out.

 I think you will absolutely love her photography. I have shared quite a few things of hers in the past but she is getting better and better all the time. It seems that she has an incredible ability to capture God's most intricate beauty. Two favors I would ask of you--would you kindly consider becoming a follower of hers and would you kindly consider giving her a little "shout out" on your blog?

She is a wonderful person who loves Jesus with all her heart and I want her to be encouraged in this endeavor today. Thank you for your beauty.

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Anita Johnson said…
Stopped by her blog to say hello...and looking forward to visiting again!
Sandy said…
That's great! I'll go by for a visit now. Any friend of yours is a friend of mine.
Love you,

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