the red kettle

I read something recently that saddened me to a great degree. It contained language that strongly suggested, if not outright said, that the Salvation Army did not help or care for people who were of a different persuasion on beliefs that differed with theirs.

 These beliefs are listed on The Salvation Army website under About Us, What We Believe, Position Statements. They have listed their beliefs (and given scripture on almost every one of them) on abortion, alcohol and drugs, economic justice, euthanasia, gambling, homosexuality, human equality, human trafficking, marriage, pornography, religious persecution and suicide.

I personally have never known the Salvation Army to ask a person's position or beliefs on any of these subjects before they reach out a helping hand. The person writing said they would walk by "the red kettles" this year due to the Army's stance on certain ones of those listed.

I have not given much to the Salvation Army in recent years.  We cannot give to all and I have my favorite charities that I give to at Christmas.

However, after reading the bad rap that the S.A. got and seeing all the people who responded saying they would also walk on by, I will be stopping by the red kettle much more often this year.  And since I will not be shopping as much this year as in the past, (knee) I will stop by that kettle online.  Here is a link to donate.  I hope you will prayerfully consider righting a wrong that has been leveled towards The Salvation Army.

Maybe in some small way I can help make up for the people who are not stopping by the red kettle this year.

As Christians who profess the love of God towards our fellow man, we should always be willing to reach out a helping hand (not talking about enabling here--that is another whole subject) to those in need no matter their personal beliefs or how much we agree or disagree with them.

But it is certainly sad when Christians are accused of not caring for or providing for the needy because we disagree with their lifestyle or their choices.

Oh Father, I pray that I will never base helping someone upon their beliefs.  Give me Your heart to minister to the broken, the downtrodden, the poor, the hungry, the destitute, the unloved, the unlovely, may my heart be Your heart, break my heart for what breaks Yours.  Amen

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