Day After Day

This is one of the reasons that winter is my favorite season of the year. I know, I know, I am by far in the minority but I have always loved winter--snuggling up on the sofa with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, curling up with a favorite book, getting out in the freezing cold to traipse to every basketball game under the sun, and viewing scenes such as this--if that tree had all its leaves on, my brother-in-law would have had to walk all the way out to the street to capture this and then the houses would have probably been in the way.

A great big thank you to Mike Hogue, my BIL, in Fort Smith. I think this was taken yesterday evening.  I wonder if what we saw here in the Little Rock area this morning was a trailer of that cloud system.  We are a couple of hours from Fort Smith.

The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. 

Day after day they pour forth speech night after night they display knowledge. 
There is no speech or language where their voice is not heard.
Their voice goes out into all the earth, their words to the ends of the world.

From Psalm 19

Oh and lest I forget--I've spent many hours (well Oklahoma hours--some years less--some years more--) driving or sliding to and from work--so I did have to get out in it but still love it!

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Nancy said…
Absolutely breathtaking.....It's so easy to miss the splender that God has created in the skies....Thank you so much for being sensitive to this and sharing your pictures with us.....
Mary B said…
I love the scripture and photos. The skies are so pretty many seasons of the year...thank you for sharing dear friend.

Angel said…
So nice to find someone who appreciates this season as I do! Fall is my favorite but I love winter too for the reasons you mentioned and more. Your pics are really beautiful. Makes you just want to do a little sky gazing. :)
Sandy said…
Looks like we're both looking up these days! My post is skyward too. I have always loved winter for the same reasons you mentioned. Fall is my favorite but I love winter too. And the wonder of snow...ahhh...don't even get me started!
Love you,
Karen said…
As the sun went down here in MS yesterday, I was overtaken with HIS beauty that the Lord was painting "just for me"! I too love this time of year.
Anita Johnson said…
Seriously, I'm glad someone likes winter. When i read your posts I find myself looking at the bright side and the warm side of winter. I need that perspective too. It is -2 here tonight....but your post warms my heart! (PS my eyes might be getting old, but I cannot read the fine print on your blog.)
Debbie said…
Ack! I can't read that last line! Or, was that the point?

The photos are a-maz-ing! I absolutely love your companion passages because without reading them, I was thinking something along the lines of them pouring out speech of the greatness of the Creator. That's what they say to me too.

I need to be more appreciative of winter!
Maria said…
Hi Dianne! Oh that first photo is amazing and the other sparkling sunshine one is so pretty too.
We're expecting some snow tomorrow, while, Jason- in Austin, TX is enjoying 70 degrees ! What a beautiful country we live in!
I hope your new year has started in a wonderful way and that every day brings you ordinary and extraordinary miracles!
♥ Maria

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