As you can tell from the pictures shown, we are in a huge mess at our house--doing a little remodeling-- All of the family room furniture is in the midle of the room covered with sheets.  Every floor and piece of furniture is COVERED IN sheetrock dust--we have dusted and vacuumed til we are blue in the face--I guess every little bit we get up now helps later.

We are

 *Painting the entry hall, family room, living room, small bath, kitchen and kitchen cabinets, laundry room and walk-in pantry--

 *Painting our brick fireplace which has been just the natural exposed brick and the wood surround and mantle--it will be an oil-based semi-gloss antique white paint by Sherwin Williams--

and getting new countertops and sink--

 In the picture above on the wall to the right you can see a white rectangular space--this used to be where a wet bar was that we never used--one day several years ago, I noticed that it backed up to our pantry right off the laundry room so I suggested to my husband that at some point in time we might close it in and utilize that square footage for a more useful purpose--and that is what we have done-- It is in the process of being painted, new shelves and new linoleum tiles laid in there--

The picture below is of my dining room (it is not getting repainted)--EXCEPT right now it is acting as our pantry--oh me, will be glad to get rid of this mess--but the bigger pantry will be so nice.

We should be close to through in two or three more weeks and I am so looking forward to getting back around and visiting each of you.  In the meantime, hope you are doing well and I miss you.

While I am excited and pleased to be getting these new things, this is NOT where my happiness comes from--

 By wisdom a house is built, 
   and through understanding it is established; 
through knowledge its rooms are filled 
   with rare and beautiful treasures. from Proverbs 24

and the ONLY source of that wisdom, understanding and knowledge is Jesus!

The person who has God and everything else has no more than the person who has God alone.  I believe this with my whole heart.  Am I content with what God has blessed me with be it great or small?

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