My Newest Art Journal

Thought I would share my newest art journal with you and also the first entry that I've been working on in 5 minute increments while we are in the middle of a little remodeling.

It is handmade--not sure about the cover but the paper is handmade in India.
Hobby Lobby has these in the sketch tablet area.  Be sure and print
out a 40% off coupon before you go.  I just "google" Hobby Lobby internet
coupon and it comes right up.  You can use one coupon per day.  I have
a HobLob close to me so it really pays off.

These pages are just beautiful!

Here is a peek at my first entry!

I received a beautiful card by snail mail last week and wanted to preserve it.  I loved this
little part of it and wanted to keep it where I could look at it often.

Part of the card read "You made my day very beautiful" so I

added it larger to emphasize.  I wish I hadn't done it quite so large

but that is one thing keeping this journal is all about--helping me grow in

my art and make wiser decisions.  I am prone to  be very impulsive and

ruined many a nice piece of art work by impulsively adding something or

introducing a new color that just didn't work.  I am trying to learn restraint

which is very hard for me.

Thought you might want to see my messy workstation--

Hope your day was beautiful in every way today.

"A friend's a friend forever when the Lord's the Lord of them--"

© all photographs and text property of Dianne Hogue unless otherwise noted


Sandy said…
You're right. I do love your journal entry...and you made my card your first one. And the line from Michael's song touches my heart.
Love you,
elizabeth said…
Your art journaling is amazing. I am impulsive in my creating and was surprised you say you are. I never pictured that, all you do seems so precise and perfect and lovely to me.
Nancy said…
I love your handmade journal you choose; those pages just make me want to touch them.....Your first entry is amazing and what a beautiful way to start your journal....That last shot in the dappled light is awesome.....
I look forward to seeing more pages in this journal.....great job girlfriend....
Susy said…
D ~ I'm fascinated by your amazing art journals. I downloaded one of your pictures, cropped it, and am using it as the wallpaper on my computer. Being a journaler and former gift store owner, I see commercial value in it ~ but more importantly I see God's creative gift in you being expressed. Thank you for sharing this journey. xo
Karen said…
beautiful Dianne, still inspiring me - must find out the technique for placing the cards onto the journal. I enjoy following the pins you are pinning @ Pinterest. Have a great day & fun along the way with the journaling.
Nava said…
Dianne--I love your art journal---and I loved seeing your art desk too! You are a brave little person. :) Nava

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