Coming Up--1000th Post--Giveaway

In celebration of my 1000th post, I am offering a blog header design as a giveaway.

 I design my own headers and a few headers for friends. I have never done this for money but if I did, I would probably charge at least $50 per header.

 Much of it depends upon the time it takes and whether or not I use my own artwork or pictures.

To qualify for the giveaway, your blog must be hosted by Blogger.

I do not work on any blogs hosted by any other service.

All you have to do is leave a comment on my 1000th post and your blog's name will be entered in a drawing to receive a free header.  This is my 992nd post so be watching, I might post several in one day just because I am getting anxious!

Here are a few of the headers I have designed--

Disclaimer:  I am not formally trained in graphic design.  I just like to piddle and am self-taught.  There is a lot I do not know and cannot do but I love to try new things and explore new ideas.  Together I bet we can come up with something unique and beautiful for your blog.

Anyway, that will give you a little idea of what my headers look like--so, if you would like a new header for spring and your blog is hosted by Blogger, feel free to leave a comment on my 1000th post.

And if you would like to comment on the 1000th post but do not want to enter the giveaway, please be sure and let me know that also.

Due to my queue of graphic design projects, it will probably be the middle of March before I would be able to have the "giveaway header" up on your blog. 
To be able to work on your blog, I must inform you that I would have to have your username and password, so trust is a big issue. After I work on a blog, I always ask the owner to change their password. 
Questions??--If you have questions please feel free to email me--contact information is in the right sidebar. 

© all photographs and text property of Dianne Hogue unless otherwise noted


Nancy said…
I had no idea you were behind the design of some of these blogs....You do an incredible job.....I sure would love to have you design one for me......
Sandy said…
I won't enter your contest because you are already working on my new header and I love you for it!! Congrats to the lucky winner in advance!
Love you,
(from faith hope and love)
Nava said…
I like all of these--and I am wanting you to do one for me--I just can't find the photo I want you to use--so this gives you some time to finish Sandy's. ha PS I really love your Christmas one--very artsy.
Rosario said…
I have always loved your headers, and It will be great to have one made by you. But I'm sure there will be plenty of entries. If I'm blessed to be the lucky winner, I know that it was a gift from God and made by one of his Angels.
Anita Johnson said…
I remember many of these...just beautiful! And how exciting to be coming up on your 1,000th post. That's quite an accomplishment! I have made a few blog headers for friends and have sent them the photo through email to put into their blog themselves...i didn't need access to their passwords that way...just an idea. Your designs are very professional Dianne and i like your selection of fonts as well!
Barb said…
Thank you so much for taking time to visit my blog. Your headers are so beautiful. I'd truly love to be a winner, for I've wanted so much to beautify my blog but don't know how. If I don't win, then I shall just save till I can afford to have you create a header for me. It would be money well spent. Have an awesome day.

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