White Shirt, Black Pants--993rd post!!

Just about the time my husband and I got ready to do some remodeling in early January, our pastor started a series of sermons on contentment.

 I think his sermon series is in relation to the high number of couples in America who are extremely in debt--no matter how much they earn.

The sermons were awesome and one thing he kept emphasizing was to pray about every purchase.

I was going to replace my old outdated Corian (I like lots of Corian--this just happens to be something I would HAVE NEVER chosen in the first place and on top of that this particular pattern is extremely outdated--) with granite.

We got three different people to give us estimates on it.

We even went so far as to pay the full amount at one store--they will not come out and measure until it is completely paid for........ But I just could not seem to get peace about purchasing it and........ all three companies or people were very late in calling, making appointments with us to measure--I think it was a God thing.

So finally I changed my whole decorating theme (and got my money back) for the kitchen from antique white paint to extra bright white and black paint for the cabinets, from travertine subway tile to high gloss bright white subway tile, from oil rubbed bronze pulls and knobs to brushed satin nickel, from dromedary camel wall paint to gray--well, it was supposed to be gray but turned out blue--an off-white sink to a totally black sink, and kept the Corian black and white and gray speckledy counter tops instead of the giallo ornamental or new venetian gold granite.

And you know what??  Here it is and I really like it.  Please disregard the big rooster.  He will have to crow elsewhere.  He just doesn't fit in this kitchen--well, I guess I could paint him white  and I just might do that.

It is lacking some decorations but wanted to show it to you anyway.  I'll post again later when it looks a little more homey.

I really like what we have done to the house but my treasure is not stored up in these kitchen cabinets.  Or my new pantry.  I'll show you that another day.

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