God's Valentine for You!

Yesterday and today I have been down with a bad cold or allergies or a combination of both--I really don't know which.

 But I have decided that I think I know why I have fallen so in love with art journaling.

 Even though I was in bed most of both days, I did have to get up and tend to necessities at times.

I also had to walk by my little art studio as I was taking care of these necessities--

And as I walked by the power of paint and brush drew me in--

And though I didn't work for more than 5 to 10 minutes at a time for three times I think it was, I was able to create something--there are several things I would do differently if I had the chance for do-overs but for somebody like me who needs to create something each day, this will do!

For God so loved the world that He gave His only son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.  John 3:16
Some day the pages of this book will be crumbling and falling apart--all flowers will wither and die--but the Word of our Lord, our God will stand forever--we can bank on this! 

The grass withers and the flowers fade, but the word of our God stands forever."Isaiah 40:8

Do-overs would include:
1.  Not placing three flowers in a row coming down the page
2.  Not making the two big swirly-dos  ALTHOUGH I think I am going to try to make them look like a globe--I think it would go with God loving the world.
3.  Definitely NOT put the little tags on the "s"--maybe on the top, for sure not the bottom--
4.  And yes, I know I am wearing the flowers out but it was the quickest thing I could think of--I promise to branch out soon.
I always appreciate suggestions of how I could make things better or what your ideas might include--
I might put a bud offset to the left of those 3 flowers in a row--but knowing me .....I better stop while I am halfway ahead.  smile!

© all photographs and text property of Dianne Hogue unless otherwise noted

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I am so thankful that we serve a heavenly Father who doesn't need "do-overs."  His plan of action and its implementation was perfect from the beginning and continues to be down through the generations.  We serve a mighty God--the great and perfect creator!


Sandy said…
Well, I love it and I love all of your flowers! The only thing I would change would be the "s" and even it is not bad. I accept this valentine with appreciation and love! Thank You! :o)
And I know what you mean about falling in love with art journaling. I am also working on mine daily.
elizabeth said…
I think you are too self critical. It's so lovely, Diane. Really. Also, I love your new lighter and more simple blog look.
susanwalkergirl said…
Beautiful. The Lord has given you an artistic talent. I've not heard of art journaling, but I can see why you like it. It seems like a wonderful way to meditate on the Lord and to give Him glory, through many senses.

Thank you for sharing...Susan
Debbie said…
I couldn't read your do overs because I have misplaced my glasses right this minute. Probably a good thing since I wouldn't change a THING. I love this art journaling idea. Me? I get my nourishment through words, but I love the idea of bringing the artistic soul into the journal page.

Have I mentioned that Lynn at Blue Skies does that too? You remind me so much of her in a variety of ways. Two favorite artists of mine.
Nava said…
Dianne--this is warm, homey and loving--it is like we are sitting there having coffee together--talking and laughing. You know--when I am listening to a singer--especially a spiritual singer--I had much rather hear a song that comes from the heart instead of one that is just 'polished'. This is from the heart. :)-------and beautiful!
Nancy said…
Well, I thank you very much for the beautiful gesture of love for Valentines...Your art journaling is beautiful and straight from the heart so I would not change a thing....I am for expressing my heart at that moment and letting it be just that..because the heart is not about perfection but about love and you hit that mark with this one.....

I really like the new look of your blog too; I go back and forth with simplicity which I like to color which I like...not sure what that says about me.hahahah

Have a a great day....
Anita Johnson said…
You are such an inspiration! Beautiful!
I can't read your do overs either...old age perhaps? I will send you a photo of the new banners we are doing for church...your style has helped us be a bit more adventuresome!
Susy said…
You may want a "do-over", but it looks WONDERFUL to me!
I thought of you yesterday on a trip to Staples ~ I went for file folders,
but was compelled to buy colored pens for journaling! Ha!

Blessings xo
Sharon said…
Just found your site. Your art work is just beautiful. I like to journal also and I am just getting started too on my first journal.
It is so nice to find a sister in the lord here.
God bless you!
Maria said…
Hi Dianne!
This is really beautiful. And... how satisfying it must be to see an art project come to completion. I have little {and big} projects here and there that need finishing. But... when my heart is ALL IN ... I do finish! This looks like your heart was all in too, Dianne!

I hope you feel better. When colds and allergies mix, it can take a while... but, I hope this one disappears fast!
Get well wishes for you and a happy weekend ahead!
♥ Maria
Sheila said…
I think this is a wow!
Wanda said…
Wow, your art journaling is inspiring. It looks captivating just the way it is but I understand about always seeking to improve.
Ariel said…
Your page is so beautiful. The painting and the lettering are awesome. I see that it is a watercolor paper. Is this a self-made journal?
Carolyn Dube said…
Your flowers are so free and loose & full of color!
Lovely spread! Thank you for sharing!
Charlotte said…
Beautiful. It's sad to not feel well, but what a great feeling it must have been to have used the occasion to be so creative. Thank you for sharing it with us.
Whidbey Woman said…
How lovely! Have a wonderful Spiritual Sunday!
From The Heart said…
Beautiful post, and your art work is lovely.
Very pretty! I know it's tempting to look at our art with critical eye, but after it's done, we should appreciate it for what it is! Even God has some strange creations He appreciated! Love your calligraphy! Patsy from
Debbie Crawford said…
I love artists who incorporate scripture into their work! Beautiful!
Kaye Swain said…
What a gorgeous picture and encouraging Scripture. Perfect for this Valentine's weekend to remind us of the best Valentine gift of all - God's love for us. Have a blessed Valentine's Day and a lovely Spiritual Sunday.
Lechatquitousse said…
it's so beautifull....

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