He Stills the Hunger

Y ou still the hunger of those you cherish; their sons have plenty, and they store up wealth for their children. And I—in righteousness I will see your face; when I awake, I will be satisfied with seeing your likeness. from Psalm 17

 Oh God,--give me more hunger for You I pray and then would you satisfy my hunger? Teach me the steps to take to let You satisfy my hunger. 

"their sons have plenty"--my prayer--let them have plenty of YOU, plenty of YOU--that is my prayer for them--

 "store up wealth for their children"--Father, it would be nice to leave my children something here on this earth but I am not concerned with that--So I pray that Larry and I would store up treasures of righteousness, knowledge, faithfulness, loyalty to You--may our lives reflect our love and trust in You--that is my prayer--that is the wealth I desire to leave them--

 And I know Father that the only reason I will see your face in righteousness is because of the work of Your Son on my behalf--thank you for this provision. 

Satisfaction to the limit--I know when I see Your face all hunger will be fulfilled, all righteousness will be realized, all my heart has ever desired will be granted in that single moment--

UPDATE:  I'm not really big on Valentine's Day and this post will tell you why if you're interested--ha ha--

A great post by my friend Nancy over at Treasures of Darkness--

but okay I'll say it anyway--Happy Valentine's Day

I hope you know I love you!


Rosario said…
awesome. your prayer is so beautiful and I like the message on your side bar on how to pray for our children. I just read a book titled, Satan You can't have my children. Iris Delgado is the author. I will post about it later this week. I'm off to prayer group. Have a blessed day on this Valentine Day.
Karen said…
Dianne, I too have been praying a prayer of hunger. One of HIM to satisfy all the physical hunger & desires of myself but also of my family. Thank you for sharing your prayers.
Sandy said…
I so agree with your prayer. I want more of Him and more desire for Him in my life. Going over to read Nancy's post. You had better have said Happy Valentine's Day 'cos you have a lot of people out here who love you! Including me! ;o)
xo xo
Nancy said…
Beautiful prayer and your words hit home...I so want more of Him and less of me and the same for my children.....

Happy Love Day to you...I pray you sense God's love in abundance today....

Big hugs to you,
mom2six said…
Through Jesus righteousness to see the face of God. How amazing! Aww - thanks Dianne for your kind words and link.

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