Just A Small Glimpse!

Hope you enjoy a small glimpse of our precious guys at Renewal Ranch.

I never dreamed that I would be so blessed as to be a part of something so fulfilling and rewarding.

We now have 15 guys living in a bunkhouse built for 6 and we have several guys at chapel every Saturday morning in desperate need of a bed.

We have two sleeping on sofas and one sleeping on a cot at the present time.  We doubled up the beds in the six bedrooms and have 12 there.

One of the volunteers at Renewal Ranch is trying to personally raise $100,000 for a new bunkhouse that would house 12 more men.

She is challenging 100 women to give $1000 a piece.  God willing, in a few days I will tell you of my attempt to raise $1000.

I have never ventured to raise that amount of money on my own.  It makes my heart thump and butterflies in my stomach just to think about it.  It will certainly have to be a God thing.  I am not capable of it on my own.

Renewal Ranch does not charge the men anything for the 6 to 18 months of rehabilitation.  It is our belief that Jesus paid the price and He will care for these men through the generous gifts of people and churches who are led to give.  And the key word is "led."

There are many worthy Christian charities and God has enough Godly people to support all of them.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a story that happened to me last week concerning a young man trying to get in to Renewal Ranch.

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Mary B said…
You warm my heart dear friend...praying for you as you venture down this path. Can't wait for tomorrow's story!
Nancy said…
What a blessing to be part of God's hand in action. I will be praying for the money to come in that you need and that these men will see God's faithfulness in taking care of His children when they trust Him.....
Adoption Mama said…
Beautiful. My prayers continue to this effort and the life transforming ministry.
Sandy said…
What a wonderful God we serve that He takes a human life destined for destruction and failure and turns it around so completely and lovingly! To God be the glory! Great things He has done! I prayed and will continue to pray for all the needed funds to come in. I'm sure you thank the Lord every day that you and your husband can be a part of what is taking place with these wonderful men at Renewal Ranch!
Love you,
Debbie said…
As I was preparing to type, I read the comment above me, and I think that she said it so well.

As you probably know, I've been out of computer commission due to a coffee incident. Sigh.

I'm trying to get caught up. What a blessing to that ministry that woman is.
Nava said…
Thanks for sharing Dianne--I know you and Larry are pouring a lot of you life into this ministry.

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