Hydrangeas in Bloom

And the gumpo azaleas are too--

Sweet blessings to you,


elizabeth said…
Your photos are so lovely today, but what I really, really needed was the verse. I KNOW it's true, but needed to see it, to read it, again. April and May have been one financial attack after another. I'd love it if you would pray for us and our church. Love you and thanks so much!
BARBIE said…
Oh wow, those flowers are so beautiful!
Debbie Petras said…
I love hydrangeas! I think they are my most favorite flower. But they don't do very well in the dry hot climate of Phoenix. Your photos are simply beautiful.
Beautiful! Your photos are wonderful and the scripture always good to read.

Sandy said…
I have stood on that verse time and time again and seen the Lord provide. Your flowers are really beautiful...or should I say HIS flowers.
Love you~
Barb said…
I love the photos, and the verse is one of my favorites. I've missed stopping by, will do it more often when my hands are better. Thanks for prayers.
Anita Johnson said…
These are so beautiful, especially the blue ones. I have a hydrangea bush, but the deer "prune" it every year before it blooms. I will try to imagine your blossoms on my bush! (o:
S. Etole said…
Such beautiful blooms. Would love to be able to grow those.

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