The God of Second Chances

When did I fall so badly--
Did it start when my trust failed?

When He told me to come to him 
on ripples of liquid glass,

Glass that shattered and broke 
beneath my feet as I glanced down?

When did I fall so badly

Was it when He found us sleeping--

Not keeping watch as He asked?

I thought I would go to the grave with Him,

And then, just as He said, I denied Him thrice

Before the rooster crowed even once.

A lonelier, more haunting sound I've never heard
than that of the cock crowing--

Announcing the dawn of a new day.

As it brought good news to some,
Dread invaded my anguished thoughts--

How could I face the day filled with this dark knowledge?
Knowledge that I had denied, had lied, 
had cursed the One I loved so much--

The one for whom I left home, family and my life's work. 

It had come to this--

When faced with the question of knowing Jesus,
I crumpled in fear and self-love.

And I wonder..............

When Jesus, burdened with the sin of the world,
went to the garden to pray,

And returned not once, not twice,
but three times and found us sleeping . . . . 

If I had been praying
Would I have denied Him a trio of times?

While looking down at shadowy mirrored depths 
my faith had faltered,

While looking up at a heart broken 
from carrying the weight of my darkness,

My faith was quickened and I knew....

Knew that there would be another day with Him,
A day when all He had taught us 
would come true,

A day He would ask me, 
not once, not twice, but three times--

"Peter, do you love me?"

A day I would have the chance to say 
not once, not twice, but three times--

"Yes, Master, You know I do."


©Dianne Hogue-2008-2013, all text, art and photos unless otherwise noted

a repost from past pages


elizabeth said…
Beautifully written, friend.
A love-filled reflection. Thank you for sharing with #TellHisStory. Beautiful.
Maria Angelique said…
This is beautiful, and so thankful that God is a God of second chances. I look back to my time before I accepted God in my life and I feel shame for the things I said about Him, the confrontational moments when it came to this God that everyone loved. But then I am filled with love and awe, that even in these moments God loved me so much that he never turned his back on me.
BARBIE said…
Wow, this is so beautiful! I am so thankful that even when I slip and fall, He is right there to pick me up and set me straight again. So thankful for second changes.
Debbie said…
I missed this when I was here earlier. I just happened to be scrolling down my dashboard page and saw it. I'm so glad not to have missed it. I have so often said that I'm a Peter. I relate so well to this. It blessed my heart.

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