Butterfly Bush In Bloom

Today is all about about "finds."
What have you found this week that makes your heart glad?

Our beautiful butterfly bush--
I walked out in the backyard a couple of days ago and found these beautiful blooms on our butterfly bush that had been transplanted last year.

So glad it  survived the move and bloomed where it was planted.

You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.
Jeremiah 29:13

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elizabeth said…
Hi, my friend. Hope all is well with you and yours. Love these photos...perfection!
nancyjean said…
i love your photos of your beloved butterfly bush...the backround is so dreamy... It is always a good day when you can walk out into garden and discover a new find.
Oh I love the smell of the butterfly bush but I also love that the butterfly's really love eating the nectar and tend to stay awhile, which is great if you want to capture a shot with your camera. What a fun blog as it's nice to see all this creativity...

Warm regards,
Sandy said…
Really beautiful. Don't think I am familiar with the butterfly bush. Love the scripture, always a favorite and wonderful reminder.
Sarah Huizenga said…
Jeremiah 29 - my favorite. Sadly we ripped out three butterfly bushes this spring to make way for a veggie garden. I did plant new stuff for the butterflies though.
Charlotte said…
Beautiful, and that is one of my favorite Bible verses. Thank you for sharing.
Anita Johnson said…
I found baby squirrels. And very few weeds at our fields. I'm smiling here. I have never had success with butterfly bushes...they are beautiful!
Debbie Petras said…
I love your butterfly bush! You captured it so beautifully in the photo.

Blessings and love,
Nancy said…
Your butterfly bush is gorgeous and I always love when mine is covered in butterflies....I pray you are having a wonderful weekend...
Pamela said…
What a beautiful find! I know the butterflies will be happy. I found joy in God's world this week, too. A whole field of yellow--perfect for pictures. God's paintbrush is unlike all others!

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