Unique Pieces of the Master

Each one of us is a very unique piece of the Master and together we make up the Greatest Masterpiece God ever created--the body of Christ.

© all photographs, art and text property of Dianne Hogue unless otherwise noted


Mia De Vries said…
Dear Dianne
This really touched my heart today!! It reminds me of that song we sang as children all being a jewel in the crown of our Lord Jesus! Thank you, the pictures are beautiful.
Much love XX
Dianne said…
Dear Mia,
Thank you so much and just in case you come back, I want to tell you that I have tried several times to comment on your blog and for some reason, I have a technical problem.

Also, I cannot find an email address for you on your blog or I would have emailed you my comment.

Thank you so much for stopping by.

Sandy said…
Love this wonderful verse and your beautiful hydrangeas. As much as I love them I should get a bush so I could enjoy them here in my own yard.
Love you~
hydrangeas are my favorite flowers, edging out peonies,
because they don't last long.
BARBIE said…
So beautiful and such sweet encouragement, to know that I have a place in the body of Christ, uniquely crafted by the Master! Thank you so much for linking up today!
Dianne said…
Thank you, Linda.
Dianne said…
Val, thank you so much.
Dianne said…
Yes, you should and they are so easy to grow--actually you can plant them from a cutting from a neighbor or friend. I have a friend who has a backyard full--over the years she has planted little cuttings that have grown into big, beautiful bushes.
Dianne said…
Those are my two favorites also although if we had ranunculus in this part of the country I think I would have to choose them.
Dianne said…
Thank you, Barbie and many thanks for hosting us also.
beingwoven.org said…
The words and photographs are just so beautiful and touch my heart, Dianne. Seeing the flowers from all angles really makes God's beauty come alive to my eyes.
Caring through Christ, ~ linda

P.S. Hope you are well and the Ranch is continuing to flourish as it sounded the last time I read about it. God's Hand, I'd say! : )
Marty Hadding said…
Oh, my goodness how I love hydrangeas! And your images of them are just so beautiful and pair so well with that verse from Ephesians.
Beth said…
Beautiful pictures of your hydrangeas. I've been wanting to plant those. Will have to remind my husband...the gardener of our home. :)
And the verse you shared warmed my heart to read again.
caryjo said…
Yes, we are. Bits and pieces, same and different, one color or another. One of my favorite flowers used as an example. Made me grin... inside and outside. ;-)

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