Will the Circle Be Unbroken?

Writing about his grandfather who knelt by his bed and prayed for his family at night, Mark Batterson, author of Praying Circles Around Your Children said, 
 "Few things are more powerful than hearing someone intercede on your behalf. His voiceprint left an imprint on my soul." 

After a dynamic sermon on prayer, our pastor called the men of the church forward to give them the book by Mark Batterson referred to above and also to pray over them.

It was a wonderful sight to see almost every man in our church go forward for prayer.

Then the men joined arms and encircled our congregation to pray over us--their families, friends and loved ones.

It is hard to explain just how empowering it was to have those men praying over us, encircling us, making a hedge of protection around us not only with their physical bodies but with their bold and powerful prayers.

He asked for each man to pray aloud and it was a glorious sound.  
Just as the angels in heaven worship our Lord in voices raised together,
so did the men of our church.

My son Jeff (in white shirt) and husband, Larry next to him, praying for their families--
thank you, sweet Jesus.

What a glorious Father's Day!

One of our Renewal Ranch residents posted this as his status on Facebook yesterday--I love it! 
"To my Daddy, who breathed life into me, who adopted me, who called and sanctified me, who set my feet on solid rock..who loves me unconditionally. Honor to You on this day."

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Sandy said…
This is beautiful, Dianne. I agree that "few things are more powerful than hearing someone intercede for you." And I think it's wonderful what the sweet RR member posted on FB. He has certainly learned what his daddy has done for him and his gratitude is inspiring.
Love you~
Such power in prayer. It crosses an ocean faster than the speed of light. Teach us, Lord, to pray.

Loved this, Dianne.
Debbie said…
I had my hand over my mouth in just plain awe at the thought of it by the end of this post. I can't even imagine the sound that was made (music, really) by the intermingling of those voices of men praying over those they love.

I try not to envy you your church and body of believers whenever I read about it. That's a serious confession. It must be just plain wonderful.
WOW and tears flowing...I think that sums it up!!!

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