Genevieve is singing for joy today. She is marveling at the wonders of her God and the work His hands have done.  This phrase is from Psalm 92:4.

As you can see, I've become somewhat obsessed with painting these young ladies.  It has been a good outlet for me the past few weeks--sure hope you have something you love doing as much as I love painting.

Just a couple of updates here--

I told you recently about a young man who had a very serious diving accident--he was a former basketball player for one of my sons--he has been moved to Atlanta, Georgia where there is a great spine clinic.  He is paralyzed from his chest down.  He can breathe on his own.  His name is Jon David Bruning and here is his page on Caring Bridge.  I know they would appreciate your prayers so very much.

I just got word a few minutes ago of another very serious disease of a friend of my sons.

I would certainly appreciate your prayers for these two young men.

There are several of you I am praying for.  I hope you know who you are.

We must always remember to look up--our redemption draws nigh.

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i will be praying for david and for your son's friend . . .
but dreaming about the beauty of your painting.
Patty Sumner said…
How tragic and sad. Said a prayer for the Mom of David. Oh how I pray she has the Lord in her life. Where would we be without the power of prayer. It is wonderful how it can connect believers together and with our Lord. I pray your son can be an outreach of hope for them... Your painting is wonderful... is it watercolor. I have always wanted to paint. I used to do some sketching many years ago.. it has been so long..I so want to learn more about are really good. Blessings for a good day!
Dianne Hogue said…
Thank you, Lea, for your prayers.

Prayer is our greatest resource.
Dianne Hogue said…
Yes, Patty, J.D.'s family is depending on God.

The painting started out as watercolor (as almost everything I do these days) and then I took it to Photoshop elements where I did some work on it there. I love combining the two processes.

Thank you for your kind words.
Sandy said…
So sorry. I will pray for all concerned.

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