I Love Wednesdays--

Ipromise I won't make a steady diet of the collages but wanted to share this one with you.

 This is what my day consisted of today--driving the 45 minutes or so to the Ranch and teaching for an hour and then visiting with the guys.

 God is so good, so awesome, so faithful.

 When He shows up in all His glory, it is so awesome.

 I love to hear what the guys have to say about God.

 It blesses me so much I can hardly stand it.

 Today they spoke of His faithfulness, His love, His Worthiness. and His plans--

yes, plans for us to succeed--

plans for us to have a future and a hope.

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Sandy said…
Beautiful! It's always wonderful to see and hear how God is blessing and changing the guys at RR. Jeremiah 29:11...I know it well. I claimed that verse for my boys when they were small and still pray it over them to this day.
Love you!

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